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Do you just hate it when a trailer or a movie poster can false advertise a movie like: Edge of tomorrow, Dredd 3-D, Warm Bodies and now this movie.

The story to Paddington is about a Peruvian bear who loves all things British, travels to London only to find himself overwhelmed at Paddington station. Lucky for him, the Brown family discovers him and offers a temporary haven. But he also catches the eye of a museum taxidermist, who is determined to add the rare bear to his collection.

The first teaser trailer for this movie was in my opinion god-awful, you know when he's in the bathroom and he puts the two tooth brushes in his ears and gives it a little bit of a twist and turn, then he pulls it out and you can clearly see a giant peace of ear wax and then he licks it; that right they is just stupid kids humor and I wasn't looking forward to film at all.

But when I look at some of the reviews for the film it actually got good feed back from critics. Empire give the film a five out of five star's and IGN give the film a 7.9/10, I couldn't believe it, I had to check twice to make sure that what I'm seeing is true, but I still wasn't hooked until I got a chance to see the film and to my surprise the movie isn't as bad as I thought it was and I actually found the movie to be funny.

Ben Whishaw did the voice for the marmalade loving bear himself Paddington, and Ben Whishaw did a outstanding job of playing Paddington. He had that voice of a young, friendly and kind person (or bear if you must). Now originally Colin Firth was suppose to play this role but at the last minute he turned the role down by saying, "The voice didn't match the character ", and to be honest I think he did the right thing, because I don't Firth's voice will match the character at all he just sound like Colin Firth.

The movie has beautiful cinematography with some breathtaking shots of London, and the film had the Christmas feeling to it and it actually got the tone right.

Now the visual effect's for the bear I have to be honest was the most realistic thing I've seen since this years movie Dawn Of the planet of the Apes. His fur looks like real fur that I can just go up to the screen a feel it, then I get kicked out the cinema for being a weirdo, but as I said realistic.

If I had to pick a thing that I didn't like about the film I would say the character's and some of the jokes sometimes hit and sometimes miss. The character's in the movie are not all that interesting and they pretty dull to watch, Paddington, Nicole Kidman and Peter Capaldi are the only character's that I actually liked, and yes even the villain I enjoyed watching more then the family. Some of the jokes at times mash really well and didn't but when I think that's a small complain.

Overall Paddinton was the biggest surprise of the year for me with it's cute bear, nice story and overall a good family film.


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