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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
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The full first season of Marvel's Daredevil had been released on Netflix on Friday and now I got around to watching all of it. The purpose of this review is to tell you whether or not this show is worth watching so you don't have to worry about spoilers. If you've already watched the show then you can also find entertainment in knowing other opinions.

Let's get right into it, this show is amazing. The MCU has really pulled this one off and created something very different from what it's used to. One of the main things is having the protagonist have a secret identity which the MCU doesn't really deal with. They pulled that theme off quite well, exploring the advantages and consequences of hiding a dark secret from everyone you know.

Another thing that's so great about this show is that it has no limits and can basically do whatever it wants because it's on Netflix. The vulgar dialogue comes naturally and unforced which is something I appreciate. The action is also very realistic and does not shy away from showing some gore. Of course there are times that violence happens off-screen but this is because of well executed techniques.

Matt Murdock is awesome. There is so much about this character that is done right. He's civilian identity is well done with his dry wit and overall charming demeanour. He's blind but he doesn't let that get in his way of having his own life. As "The Man In The Mask", he is intimidating and very relatable. Even with heightened senses he can still get his ass handed to him.

I can't really think of any characters that weren't handled well. Foggy's relationship with Matt is developed quite well on the show. Karen is an interesting addition who provides the moral compass to the team. Unfortunately, Karen's detective sub-plot is probably the weakest link of the show.

Ben Urich is also good, being a seasoned reporter who doesn't take sh*t from no one and is willing to get the job done. The Kingpin's assistant, James Wesley would have to be my favourite on the show. He feels the most relaxed and in control. He has a very intimidating and entertaining demeanour to his words whenever he speaks.

Wilson Fisk, oh what a villain. There was an easy way to do this character, this big leader of the underworld who manipulates everyone around him. This show chose to go another step forward with giving him a chilling and interesting back-story, an imperfect demeanour and a sympathetic sub-plot involving his love interest, Vanessa. He wasn't just a villain that we could hate, we could also feel sorry for him and have a sense of why he was doing what he was doing.

I really loved how they did the intro. Having the city being built with blood was very symbolic and gave you a bit to think about how this show was handling things.

Don't worry, there are a couple of easter eggs here and there to look out for and some connections to the rest of the MCU. Stan Lee has a really tiny cameo and if you manage to spot it, good on you! You must have super senses.

Get on Netflix now to watch how you should do a Daredevil adaptation. If you can't bothered to pay money then just find a streaming website, that's what I did. Lol. Looking forward to AKA Jessica Jones, sounds like a very interesting premise.


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