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I came across another amazing person that has been placed on this planet!

Talented is not the word for this crazy artist! I have seen tattoos everywhere, have even started doing them myself; but when it comes down to our favorite serial killers, villains, victims, zombies and fictional characters, a guy named Paul Acker surely takes the cake when it comes to art in tattoo form!

Of course, my posts are strictly my own opinion, however if you have any sense of art & appreciation, you will see just how much time, work and detail go into every piece that this dude does and I'm pretty sure any true horror fan will find the work outstanding as well!

Little bit of info:

  • Paul started tattooing in December of 2000 at the age of 18.
  • While getting a tattoo himself, a local tattoo shop was impressed with his sketches and offered him a job! They showed him all the fundamentals and within TWO weeks he began to do tattoos on his family and friends. With about a month of practice, he started full-time.
  • Paul attended art class in high school, where he learned to draw, sculpt and paint - a class which is normally offered through-out your school years. After high school he "briefly" went to college for fine art.
  • His greatest inspiration comes from horror movies!
  • Living in Philly, he has been influenced by the brilliant tattoo history and tattooers. There are not many artists in his area doing similar work, but they sure do some badass pieces.

Acker has opened his own shop, DEEP SIX. He said that he felt like he just didn't fit in at any of the others in his area and needed to express himself. This shop was established in 2006 with other award winning artists - located in Northeast Philadelphia.

For more information on the studio (hours, address, etc), check out this link.

here is an image of the waiting room.
here is an image of the waiting room.

Being a lover of horror, I cannot stress how much I admire every one of his tattoos that I have seen, as well as his drawings. I know pictures never do justice when it comes to art, it has to be seen by the naked eye. I would love to see these all in person and even have him tattoo me. The amount of detail is unbelievable and so realistic.

Here's a video of him tattooing (time lapse) with him discussing the process:

Below are a few photos of the work he has done (some of my favorites):

1. I'll start with everyone's favorite scene, from the movie Evil Dead:

Of course, not everyone was a lover of a hot chick, transforming into a crazy bitch, slitting her tongue up close to the screen. I could feel the pain as she did it! It sent shivers down my spine! Not only does he capture the gruesome effect but the shading he does really captures the realism of the character.

2. Dracula!

This popular vampire has been around for a while and the way that Paul has recreated him on skin is remarkable! Just look at the amount of detail and highlighting! Simple color scheme with those red bloodthirsty eyes to set the whole thing off! Brilliant.

3. It - Pennywise

This cute creature from Stephen King's imagination has also been popular for a while. Scaring children and adults around the world with his sharp pointy teeth and long fingernails, Pennywise is one clown not to mess with. Although the interpretation on screen is different from how the book really describes him (my opinion, my opinion of course), Paul has brought the evil to life in this tattoo. Almost as if it was painted with a paintbrush on a canvas.

4. Predator

The Predator film is just badass. The movies, the pictures, drawings, the characters in general. I think the design is just awesome. Again, for this tattoo you can really see how much time was put into the work. So much detail!

5. Wednesday Addams

Oh, Wednesday, you were probably one of my favorite little girls that I watched growing up. Although the Addams Family isn't as graphic in blood and gore, the series includes a whack of violence, especially from their daughter Wednesday. With her oddity and lack of emotion, Paul has captured her beauty in his latest tattoo.

6. The Chatterer!

I loved the Hellraiser film series a lot, the characters in these movies are pretty sick. Chatterer was my favorite. He was very cool and creepy. This tattoo captures that effect quite well, the blood and teeth are spot on, and again with the detail, like seriously... this is incredible!

7. Jason

Jason! I love Jason. He is something else. I can sit down and watch every single movie with this guy. I whisper the theme song to my child when we walk outside and everything; that's how weird I am. In this tattoo, the shading really brings the character to life.

8. Hannibal

I chose to share this one, because even though Hannibal is a cannibal, he does look like a real person. I wanted to express how well Paul is at ordinary looking people without the rips, cuts, slits and blood. See the crazed look in his eye?!

9. Ghostface

"What's your favorite scary movie?" Ghostface is a funny dude. Ever since they made the Scary Movie version of him, I just laugh when I see the guy in the originals. Scream movies are also on my favorites list, the last one was probably one of the best of the bunch. I loved how it kept me guessing. Here, Paul again uses an intense amount of detail to bring the killer to life!

10. Crypt Keeper

The Crypt Keeper was a little "creature" that I enjoyed. I loved his stories and just the way he was. This tattoo isn't the complete version, Acker added part of the body as well. I really love how he captured the mouth in this one. Superb job!

11. Pet Sematary

There are actually a few Pet Sematary tattoos on his Facebook page. I chose this one to post because it separates the gore from the human pretty well.

12. Elvira - Mistress of the Dark

The only thing I can say about this one is that he hit the sexiness on the head when he portrayed this woman. I love her, very realistic, and of course the signature boobs!

13. Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein

Again with the detail and color choices. Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein are captured beautifully. I love how even though these characters were first seen as black and white, Paul has used color to enhance them and bring them to "life."

14. Papa Emeritus

See the evil here! I don't even have to write a reason why I chose to post this one. The picture says it all!

15. End with a collage of these 6

Lastly, the final 6 - even though I feature Jason above, here is another version of him with a different color scheme. As you can see in every picture I shared, there was a lot of work put in to each tattoo. I can imagine how many people go to him for his art. If I lived in the area, I know I would go there in a heart beat!

Making his art realistic was the goal, and he sure as hell accomplished that!

If you want to check out more of his pieces, you can check out his Facebook page and Twitter.

What do you guys think? Have you seen better? Do you have any tattoos of your favorite horror character(s)? Tell me in the comments!


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