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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

Yes, you read the title, Batman vs Daredevil, both comic book characters are played by the same person, well one of them will be played by the same person, if you guessed Ben Affleck then you're right. Ben Affleck has played Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil in 2003's Daredevil movie and will be playing Bruce Wayne AKA Batman in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice set to release in 2016 (next year) but which character did/will Affleck play best?

Daredevil or Batman? Both of which are mysterious,deadly,dangerous and were once vigilante's turned to hero.


A little about Batman is that he has only one secret identity Bruce Wayne, Bruce's history isn't as quite good as you imagined Bruce's parents died in an alley murdered and mugged Bruce then spends all of his time alone until he was an adult that's when he started making new friends. Few elements of Batman's history have remained constant. He then knew what a dark city Gotham is so he started fighting crime throughout Gotham City as the caped crusader we all know and love, Batman. So when Bruce grew up and became Batman he swore to not let anyone destroy or terrorize his city, you see Bruce is someone smart he expects the unexpected he is ready for anything he is master hacker and a smart guy he lurks in the shadows every night to protect his city and the ones he loves. Behind that mask Bruce is a wealthy rich billionaire and the CEO his father's company Wayne Enterprise. Batman's has these primary traits that can be summarized as "wealth; physical prowess; deductive abilities and obsession". What is his obsession? Well the thing that drives Batman to do all these things torturing, protecting his city is his parents death, come on there's nothing more traumatic than having your parents murdered before your eyes. Despite his trauma, Bruce then studies to become a successful scientist and train his body into physical perfection to fight crime throughout Gotham City as Batman, it is an idea inspired from Bruce's insight into the criminal mind also Batman is trained by the League of Shadows led by Ra's Al-Ghul his mentor and lets not forget he knows every fighting skills around the world.

Abilities are

  • Genius-level intellect - Despite becoming a scientist and studying science and criminology Bruce knows what's going to come to him he expects the unexpected he even has a contingency plan in case The Justice League gets mind controlled.
  • Peak physical and mental conditioning - This lets Batman body functions at the maximum limit of human condition; meaning that your natural capabilities are near-superhuman.
  • Master martial artist and acrobat - Because he is trained by the League of Shadows Batman is now a master of every fighting skills there is around the world including Muay Thai which is a popular fighting skill in Thailand.
  • A great detective - Batman is rated the most greatest detective alive in the DC universe he has great detecting skills he knows what to do he's just the best detective there is.
  • Escape artist - Batman is a great escape artist he can escape out of anything like how Bane buried him alive in Justice League: Doom he escaped that, he didn't die.
  • Strategist, swordsman, tactician, and marksman - His years of training makes him a great strategist,swordsman and tactician, however he isn't much of a marksman.
  • Weapons mastery - Despite Batman being wealthy and all he grants access to buying and the use high-tech equipment, weapons, armors, & gadgets.
  • Master of stealth - Again because he is trained by the League of Shadows they taught him to master the art of stealth.
  • Master of disguise - Under that mask he his Bruce Wayne and he acts like he is Bruce Wayne so that no one will think of anything suspicious so that makes him a master of disguise and also because he is great at lying and pretending to be others.
  • Advanced scientific and technological proficiency - Bruce Wayne is a scientist so he has advance science knowledge and he can master the technological proficiency.
  • Excellent observation skills - Batman is the greatest detective alive so he has great observational skills he observes and learns from detects it find the thing that is wrong with it he knows where the enemy will hide the evidence,weapon etc.
  • Access to vast wealth and criminal records - Batman and the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) are close friends that grants him access to all the criminal records and because he is Bruce Wayne he is a wealthy person.
  • Trained computer hacker - He has advance scientific and technological proficiency skills he knows how to hack computers, heck he even hacked Darkseid's super computer too.
  • Photographic memory - Batman can remember anything by looking at a photo or a crime scene.


  • Human - Batman is only human, albeit a near perfect one. He is limited by his body. He still requires food and sleep but sometimes he doesn't sleep.
  • Magic - The batsuit was designed to fight crime. It is resistant to damage caused by impact and fire. It offers very little protection against magical attacks and mind altering abilities.
  • Ranged attacks - Though very agile, Batman has a hard time fighting ranged and mobile opponents. He prefers unarmed hand to hand combat. His batarangs are rarely used to take out opponents but give him time to plan his assault.
  • Admitting - To him admitting he's in over his head means admitting weakness. Since his entire MO is designed to strike terror into the hearts of criminals, the instant they start to see him as no more than a man in a costume, his advantage shrinks.
  • Utility belt - Without Batman's utility belt he won't be able to use his gadgets,weapons etc.


Matthew (Matt) Murdock son of Jack Murdock, became blind after and incident that happened to him as a child, Matt's eyes were infected by a hazardous chemical that had change his life, while growing up Matt realized that being blind has their advantages, Matt learned that without his eyes to see, he hears it had enhanced Matt's hearing limits now Matt can hear heartbeats and police cars miles away. When Matt became an adult he became a lawyer so he could serve justice to Hell's Kitchen and keep it safe. Despite having superhearing abilities Matt also has synesthesia, meaning he can see sounds as colors, which means any sound he or anything makes will be seen in shapes of colors. The hazardous chemical enhanced his physical body to do impossible stunts and enhanced his senses as well, he can smell someone far,he can hear footsteps miles away and also his eyes includes these x-ray vision of some sort, and it only works if someone is outside, like if you make loud footsteps outdoors and Matt sees it in forms of various colors that also allows him to see past the walls that are blocking it. Matt was inspired to become a superhero after his father was killed by the Kingpin AKA Wilson Fisk. Matt's father Jack Murdock was a professional boxer when Matt was a kid, Jack supported him as he grows up, though Jack is later killed by gangsters after refusing to throw a fight, since then Matt has been wanting to fight crime for justice and the safety of Hell's Kitchen and calling himself Daredevil AKA The man without fear.

Abilities are

  • Excellent athlete - While growing up Matt had trained himself to overcome fear and do the impossible, therefore he has trained himself to become an athlete.
  • Skilled detective, tracker and interrogator - Much like Batman,Daredevil is also an excellent detective,tracker and interrogator by torturing them.
  • Expert marksman - Matt Murdock might be blind but he is still an expert marksman, he may not be a sharpshooter but he can tell when something he shoots or throws hit the target.
  • Master acrobat, hand to hand combatant, martial artist and gymnast - As I said Mark trained himself to overcome fear and do the impossible and has trained himself to fight like a boxer and a martial artist.
  • Superhuman senses - The hazardous radioactive chemical enhanced all of his senses allowing him to smell,see (by synesthesia) and hear from far distances.
  • Radar sense - The radar sense is an extranormal means of perception by which the brain generates electromagnetic waves which travel outward, bounce off objects, and are again picked up by the brain, which thus determines what its surroundings are.
  • Use of specially-designed billy club - Matt created himself a blindman stick to walk around with but when he's in Daredevil form from a blindman stick it turns into a nun-chuck,baton and even a grappling hook.


  • Human - Daredevil may be the man without fear but he still is human and can still die and tire easily.
  • Sensitive hearing - Matt's enhanced hearing sense is one of the most important things he uses to fight crime but even with his superhearing he still limitations like a giant bell or moving train.
  • Blindness - Due to his blindness he is unable to discern pictures or video images, and he can only guess at colors based on the amount of heat they are absorbing or reflecting, but he has been able to make out images by feeling them out
  • Extreme vibration - He's got heightened tactile senses, so extreme vibration or something like an explosion would be overwhelming
  • Smelling - He's got heightened taste/smell,. so an overpowering smell would be dificult to live with as well.
  • Personality - In addition, his personality is probably his greatest weakness as he becomes obsessed and gives very little consideration to his personal safety.
  • Radar sense disruption - Daredevil's superhuman senses render him extraordinarily vulnerable to excessive sound, odors, etc., which can temporarily weaken his Radar Sense or if he is bombarded by too much sound at once, Daredevil can easily be immobilized, which causes him great pain and leaves him disoriented. Once the disruptive effects wear off, Daredevil's Radar Sense is able to return to its normal calibration.

Winner is...


It was hard for me to decide between The Caped Crusader and The Man Without Fear but in this case Daredevil is the winner, face it, not only is Daredevil an excellent gymnast and acrobat but also a lie detector and a blind lawyer, so if Matt Murdock was to go to Gotham City on a case than Bruce Wayne won't suspect a thing, even if he is Batman and he's going to think it's impossible for a blind lawyer to be the Daredevil. Daredevil has superly enhanced senses he can't see but he can feel and hear superhumanly (he can hear at long distances even a sniper at a very long range). Batman relies too much on his weapons without his utility belt he's nothing, sure he knows every fighting skill known to man but still he'll never be as skilled and acrobatic as Daredevil. Batman stays in the dark Daredevil who is blind can hear and feel his presence and counter every attack Batman makes. Matt Murdock is someone who won't stop until justice is served he never backs down from a fight and never give up.


Who do you think would win?


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