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The Flash movie just got legs over at Warner Bros as the DC superhero movie picked up the dynamic writing & directing duo of Phil Lord & Christopher Miller - the guys behind the recent successes of The Lego Movie and the surprisingly hilarious 21 and 22 Jump Street movies.

They've already proven their skills at taking a seemingly dubious premise like reviving an old 80's TV show and turning it into comedy gold - now Warner Bros has tapped the team to take on the one member of the Justice League that is perhaps a bit better known for his comic relief than guys like Batman and Superman.

The Flash vs The Ghostbusters

What is interesting about this news is that it comes amidst a bit of a bidding war for these two in demand talents. Over at Sony, they are in the middle of trying to establish their own cinematic universe based on the Ghostbusters property that is getting a reboot in 2016. The reboot is starting things off with a female cast but work is already underway on getting the boys back in the game with actors like Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt circling the project.

With Phil Lord and Christopher Miller playing a large role in showing off Channing Tatum's comedic chops with the Jump Street movies - I'm sure Sony would love to see these two officially attached to the next entry in the suddenly reanimated Ghostbusters franchise. But it looks like Warner Bros is getting the first crack at these two.

The Flash story being developed by Lord & Miller.
The Flash story being developed by Lord & Miller.

Right now Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are only on board The Flash movie as writers - they'll work on a story treatment for the movie and we'll see what happens after that. It would certainly be a blow to the Ghostbusters movie if they lost these two directors to DC and Warner Bros after they already lost the Russo Bros to Marvel when they signed on to the Avengers: Infinity War movies.

As it stands now, The Flash movie just got a lot more interesting by nabbing the talents of the guys behind The Lego Movie. Through all of their movies, these two have proven to be immensely talented at writing genuinely funny movies that also happen to feature inventive and well thought out action scenes. And this is just the kind of thing The Flash movie needs. The Lego Movie also showed everyone that these two have a great sense of humor when it comes to the DC superheroes.

The Comedic Relief of The Flash

With Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, fans are likely to get their fill of the darker, more serious brand of superhero that the DC brand is known for. When The Flash arrives in 2018 it will be the perfect opportunity for DC to show that they have a lighter side as well.

The Flash movie can show DC's lighter side.
The Flash movie can show DC's lighter side.

Of course we're likely to get a good sense of DC's plans for the Flash in the first Justice League movie and it will be interesting to see how much creative license Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will have in crafting the story behind the solo Flash movie. Will this movie, that is sandwiched between the two Justice League movies, be moving the larger DC cinematic universe story forward or are Lord & Miller simply working on an origin story for this character?

Multiple Barry Allens?

It is still not 100% clear what kind of path DC and Warner Bros are going to be taking with movies like Aquaman and The Flash. It doesn't make much sense to me for DC to introduce a character in Batman vs Superman and The Justice League and then spend time on flashing back to an origin story that most fans will already be familiar with. Especially with The Flash, who has proven to be a popular character in his own television show.

Barry Allen on the CW's Flash.
Barry Allen on the CW's Flash.

Some fans are already smarting from DC's move to keep their television world and movie world separate. The least they can do is keep from telling origin stories that conflict with what they've spent hours of television time establishing.

From the details that have leaked about around [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363), we might want to give DC and Warner Bros the benefit of the doubt regarding their grand plans for this shared universe they're developing. Then again, with a rumor coming out that the Suicide Squad will actually be taking place prior to the events of Batman vs Superman, it could be that this universe will have no issues with flashing back in time for a whole movie.

What do you think? Does this news of The Lego Movie team developing DC's The Flash movie have you more excited for what's to come? Take to the comments section, dear reader!


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