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X-Men Apocalypse seems to be taking an interesting approach to the common problem of spoilers and plot leaks during a movie's production by taking matters into their own hands. We all saw what happened to Star Wars Episode 7 when concept art for the movie was unleashed onto the internet - well, X-Men Apocalypse seems intent on beating everyone to the punch by routinely taking to Instagram and posting their own spoiler heavy concept art. I won't complain!

X-Men Apocalypse Concept Art Continues!

Not long ago, director Bryan Singer revealed a very cool image of the X-Men character Angel locked up in a cage and being presented in a dark sideshow fashion to an audience of some kind. Not long after this, it was revealed that actor Ben Hardy would indeed be playing the character - something that many fans were calling when they caught a look at the young, blond-haired Eastenders actor.

Many of these same fans, myself included, were immediately speculating that the character of Angel would be seeing a transformation happen in the movie that would mirror the character's storyline from the "Age of Apocalypse" comic books that are serving as the backbone to the X-Men Apocalypse movie. Well, it seems that the folks behind the movie are satisfied that enough people are already familiar with the fate of Angel that they went ahead and confirmed the character's fate with another great piece of concept art.

Concept art reveals X-Men Apocalypse's Archangel.
Concept art reveals X-Men Apocalypse's Archangel.

Indeed, much as he did in the classic "Age of Apocalypse" storyline in the Marvel comics, X-Men Apocalypse will see Angel be transformed into Archangel by the sadistic character of Oscar Isaac's Apocalypse. This could indeed prove to be a central part of the X-Men Apocalypse storyline as it reveals a lot about the motivations of Apocalypse as well as a turning point in the movie's plot.

X-Men Apocalypse Mutants Aren't First Class

From that first piece of concept art we can tell that even after the events of X-Men Days of Future Past - mutants aren't exactly being treated as first class citizens. People like Angel's Warren Worthington III are still getting treated like sideshow freaks and being caged up and put on display in a deplorable fashion. Much like Magneto in previous X-Men movies, Apocalypse will have none of this and wants the mutants to rise up and show humanity that they are the dominant species.

Angel in a cage in X-Men Apocalypse.
Angel in a cage in X-Men Apocalypse.

In doing this, Apocalypse will put together his band of Horsemen - recruiting mutants like Angel to take vengence on the people who abused them. But Angel's induction into the Horsemen comes at a painful price as he gets his natural wings painfully replaced with metal wings and thus turning him into Archangel. In the comics, he was also turned blue - but as is probably appropriate - the two blue characters of Mystique and Beast in the X-Men movies are probably enough.

Prior to Angel joining Apocalypse's Horsemen in the comic books, the character had his wings destroyed in an accident. This is the kind of detail that I'm sure the folks behind X-Men Apocalypse will try to keep under wraps for a while. It's one thing to tip the Archangel hand that many were expecting the film to have but another to reveal the details of what leads to the transformation. Will Apocalypse offer to give Angel his wings back or will the metal implants be the price he pays for his "freedom"?

Keeping X-Men Apocalypse Spoiler-Free

Bryan Singer and the X-Men movies are coming off perhaps their greatest achievement with X-Men Days of Future Past and it's looking like X-Men Apocalypse isn't going to hold back in trying to top it. The ambition that is getting shown off in these concept art stills are promising an epic climax to the story that began with X-Men First Class.

I don't think Bryan Singer and folks behind X-Men Apocalypse have spoiled too much with the Archangel art - much like the tease of Ship becoming an element in this storyline, these are things that could easily be expected to appear in the movie. What is also expected is that the movie will have it's own take on these elements and we're sure to see plenty of unique changes to keep fans on their toes.

What do you think? Are the people behind [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) releasing too much information? Are they spoiling the movie or are they doing a great job of building up your excitement for the movie? Let us know in the comments below!


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