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The first real Justice League film ([Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) is the prequel, of course) is only 2 years away (it's about time, isn't it?), and I'm super excited. However, there is one lingering question that needs to be answered: who exactly is the big bad? Here is a list of potential villains for the film, and why I believe they would be perfect. Let's start off with the obvious:


New 52 JL vs Darkseid....
New 52 JL vs Darkseid....

Why is this the most obvious villain? Well, Darkseid was the first Justice League villain in The New 52 continuity. "What was The New 52 ?" It was a reboot of DC comics. Everything that happened before either didn't happen, did happen (Batman's continuity was a mess because of this, since they had to compress his entire history into 5 years. Green Lantern had this too, but it wasn't as bad for him), or happened somewhere else in the DC multiverse (the group of DC universes).

The DC Shared Movie Universe (screw DCCU. DC fans call it that and yet they say DC doesn't want to do anything like Marvel? That's fanboy, both Marvel and DC, logic for you!) seems to be taking a lot from the New 52 with some changes, so this would be logical. Why else would this be logical? Marvel fanboys (not the ones who actually know comics, but the ones who think they count as Marvel fans when they only watch the movies and TV shows) and casual movie goers would pull the ripoff card if DC used Darkseid anytime after Infinity War Parts 1 and 2 (no, they aren't ripping off DC by splitting their Avenger's into two films. They are just following the same old trend that began in HP 7 which splits the final movie of a movie franchise into two parts). Why? Thanos is the villain for those two films, and even though Thanos is the rip off (or inspired by, but this time he truly is a ripoff, unlike the Sentry and Superman situation) in this case, people who don't know that or that are just biased or stupid will say DC is ripping off Marvel. That is why they should actually pull Darkseid out in [Justice League Part One](movie:401267), because that film is a year before the first Infinity War film, so then people wouldn't say such things. True comic fans (of both DC and Marvel) should ignore it if anyone says such a thing. If DC wants to prove they are who they say they are, they should consider Darkseid as the villain for Parts One and 2. If we want someone who could be just as dangerous as Darkseid but 1221231234 times smarter, this guy is your guy!


One of the greatest Superman villains of all time, Brainiac could be a real threat to the Justice League. He would be great because he is much different from Darkseid, so many people wouldn't pull the ripoff card like they would with the former. Let's say he's collecting cities because he wants to study human beings, or that he wants to use his exobites to make powerful metahumans that would serve him and be his rulers on Earth: he would be absolutely [email protected]$$ and would be really interesting to see. A villain who's motives aren't completely bad but who is morally grey and wants to understand species 10000 times inferior to him? That would be totally fantastic, and would be a game changer for DC. But what is better than just one big bad?


The Injustice League

What makes one villain better? Multiple villains. Personally, I think that DC actually shouldn't use Darkseid (or Braniac for that matter), because those two (in one way or another) can seem too similar, or just too close to, Ultron and
Thanos (even though Thanos came later). Let's say Lex Luthor is tired as hell of superheroes, and wants to eliminate them to make everyone believe that he is the real hero (and those intentions are not bad. Superman was dumb enough to fight a villain who was equal to him in every way on Earth instead of taking the battle to space. Then again you could blame [The Avengers](movie:9040) for not fighting the Chitauri in space right away, but, then again, they were separated). So he decides that to defeat an entire team, he must create an entire team. Who would the villains be? Lex Luthor (of course) to stand toe to toe with Superman. Killer Croc for Batman (he would be pretty cool). The Reverse Flash for the Flash (since I believe that Wally should be the Flash of the films, this Reverse Flash would be Hunter Zolomon, and he would have a different colour costume than that of Eobard Thawne on [The Flash](series:1068303)). Black Manta for Aquaman. Circe for Wonder Woman. If Shazam (sorry for Captain Marvel fans) is in this film, Black Adam. And so on and so forth. Marvel has never done a villain team, and this would be something new and would actually distance DC from Marvel, which is what they say they are trying to do but clearly aren't in many areas.


What Villain(s) would be the best for JL Part One?


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