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Glenn is one of the few characters that so far has not killed any living person, even being present in [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5.

It is an awesome fact, especially considering that he is constantly in the middle of the action, saving Rick in Season 1, and becoming zombie bait in Season 2 and having disturbing encounters with baseball bats in Season 5.

After so many desperate situation it was expected that Glenn would act like Rick, willing to kill. But at the decisive moment during the final episode of Season 5, he spares Nicholas' life.

In an interview with Variety, the actor who plays Glenn, Steven Yeun, commented on the situation and the reactions of many upset fans:

You know, when we're shooting, I kind of thought that people would be upset. [...] Definitely think Glenn could not shoot him. Had he done so, it would mark a new era for Glenn, completely changing who he is. He would not be following your heart, and the way it has followed. It would be gratifying to me as an actor, get out there and kill Nicholas, but I thought it was very interesting and more real show the conflict by Glenn eyes.

Although it kept its position of not killing, the actor admits that Glenn really thought that Nicholas deserved to die.

He believes with all his heart that Nicholas deserved to die. [...] When he was there, pointing the gun at his head, was a challenge to decide. He knew that if he did, it would be increasingly easier to follow that way in the future.

In these situations of life and death, Glenn has conducted himself much like the Morgan does, who did not kill the Wolves. They are great opposed to Rick and Carol, who are willing to kill anyone who disagrees with them...

Source: Variety


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