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Move over High School Musical and Camp Rock, you can't fool us, there's no shame in being the underdogs! Here we have my small collaboration of the best teen movies that say everything as it is and have no shame in the real problems teens have to face.

The Breakfast Club

I wonder how many takes it took to get this shot...
I wonder how many takes it took to get this shot...

The Breakfast Club, the group of completely different average teens from different social backgrounds, made to put up with each other and get into some of the deep issues with society during a school detention. As they get closer, they realize they're not really that different from each other. Complete with an insane soundtrack and some of the greatest one-liners ever heard, this has to be one of your next movies, seriously this film changed me. Like nearly every cool, snappy line you've heard was started here...

American Pie

Damn he got moves.
Damn he got moves.

Now you really can't do better if you want a giggle. Most people have heard of the craziness that goes down in this movie, well they couldn't be more correct. This film bases itself on the teenage lives of 5 immature guys trying to become men... this thing is a laugh from start to finish. Not to mention the nuggets of wisdom that occasionally crop up whilst they try to deal with the embarrassing situations they find themselves in. Definitely needs to be put on the giggle list.

Empire Records

Here we have a story of more troubled kids that are social outcasts and work in a record store. When they hear that the store is going to be taken over by a big music chain company, they decide to do everything they can to save it - sorting their own issues out in the process. With a truly fantastic soundtrack, some swinging dance moves and more social issues raised in the space of half an hour than you'd find in a government demonstration - this is definitely one to watch. If not for the life changing impact it has, then do it because it's REX MANNING DAY.

Whip It!

The story of a young, social outcast who becomes a strong independent women in the face of adversity through joining an all girls roller skate team! For all those girls that aspire to be a strong independent woman, this is the film to watch. Lad's take note! The young man who becomes the main girl's love interest is an absolute sh*t - his way is not the right way. With another great soundtrack and some girl power, this film had to make my list. Plus Ellen Page!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I couldn't leave this beastie out. Dear emotionally unstable Charlie battles with his past and the peer pressures of society in this brilliant movie about love, friendship and acceptance. Also there is a pretty good soundtrack, some great quotes about life, and some stunning puns!

Seriously this film has something for everyone.

Pretty In Pink

Honestly that guy created swag.
Honestly that guy created swag.

Maybe not one for the lads so much, although there is some comedy gold in this. This story revolves itself around the lovely Andie. This is the original "social outcast gets the cool popular guy" movie, although it has gotten so much more going for it than just that. This girl knows how to handle bullies, she dresses for herself and not for anyone else. She destroys the social class non-interaction system. This one better be on everyone's watch list.

10 Things I Hate About You


This is another that's probably more liked by the girls, but I just had to include it. It's just amazing. It's about these sisters who have an overprotective father, one of them is a social elite and the other is a social rebel. The father strikes a deal with the social elitist of a daughter that she can only go to the school prom if the socially rebellious daughter decides to go to. So the socially elite daughter and her date concoct a plan to get the other sister to go... and it involves the young hottie, Heath Ledger. This one is full of funny shenanigans and snappy lines - definitely a keeper.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains

This one's all about the best girl rock band going, but don't worry lads, not only do we have eye candy for you, we also get involved with the dark side of rock and roll. I'd like to introduce you to 'The Stains,' three girls that change the perception of rock and roll. With some ace music tracks and some stylish haircuts, this needed to be included. These girls say what they think, they don't care who's listening.

And that's it, although there are plenty more out there I'd love to include, this should set you up for a good day of laughs, cries and everything in between.

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