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Well, we've seen how the marvel has shown off all it upcoming movies in 'phases'.But what about DC?

Marvel has definitely had an edge in the the field of movies ever since 'The Avengers'.We could definitely rave about the Chistopher Nolan trilogy.Bit there's nothing much apart from this.Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern........the less said better.Man of Steel....decent...close to good.This is merely anything compared to Marvel's released movies.

Putting all this apart,we very much appreciate the way Marvel has allowed us to anticipate the release of Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange,Black Panther,Ms. Marvel,Inhumans etc.Not only this,but also the way they kept the atmosphere up by releasing 4 trailers before the very much anticipated Age of Ultron.

But DC have so far done none of this.But you could say that they have confirmed Justice League and posted some photos of Gal Gadot's wonder woman and also Jared Leto's Joker and of course Zuckerburg's baldie(kiddin').

We can wait and wait and ummm... wait.

But I guarantee some restless hardcore DC fans out there asking to be answered.


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