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Everybody is dying to see Episode Nineteen of The Arrow. Now that Roy has turned himself to Detective Lance and The SCPD force, which i frankly think is the most dumbest idea on the Planet. I do understand that Oliver has saved Roy's life three times because Roy was being stupid, so it was kind of expected but not to be expected. Anyway, Marc Guggenheim has revealed some expectations for the Season Finale.

We know that the title of the Episode is "My Name is Oliver Queen". This sounds like he has started some new, or he has rebooted something of life, this leads to a conclusion

The First Conclusion is that Oliver Queen has taken the offer of Ra al Ghul and become the Demon Head. Sounds a bit fishy, Someone is dying in the next episode, so no need to be OMG!! Probably this Death that we have no idea has struck Oliver mentally and emotionally. He still goes one resisting the offer from the Demon Head but then eventually the City is to corrupt from him and becomes the Demon Head, apparently there is picture of the CW's Heroes all on a rooftop, which i don't have right now.

This is may be part of the first conclusion, Maybe Oliver gets killed in some traditional coronation for being in the place of the Demon Head, then he gets resurrected from the Lazarus Pit and becomes a new man hence the title of the episode.

Also Marc has tweeted a picture of the cast which is Tatsu, Oliver, Laurel, Malcolm, Felicity, Ra's, Diggle and Ray Palmer reading the script for the last episode of Arrow. Apparently Roy is not in this script reading and has been off the set for three weeks. This is clear evidence that Roy is dead or has been cut off of the show.

Marc has also produced a picture of the set for the Finale, this set may be used in Nanda Parbat in the finale, maybe for a formal fighting area between Ra's and Oliver.

What could this mean for the finale. I totally have proof that Roy Harper is dead or has been sentenced to life in prison. That's all.


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