ByBrad Dee, writer at

For the past 6 months, Kot has been giving us a story in this series that has flooded with confusion, poor dialogue, amazing art and inconsistent issues. How would this issue pan out? Well, for one thing it is totally different from any of the last issues, which makes it better right away.Instead, we have a story that focuses on the villain of the story(an alternate universe Crossbones),and why he is targeting Bucky Barnes or any of the heroes of the multiverse. When I say that it's deep, that is an understatement, and this issue might make you have pity on the villain instead of despising him like we despise many other villains.

The first thing that separates this issue from others is the artwork. For the last few issues, the art has looked like something from a portrait, while this issue delves more into the childish artwork that was seen at times in previous issues.Does it help the story? yes, because the story is told from the perspective of a traumatized child who was left by his father and told lies for years on end. To believe that the police would always protect us is a lie upon itself. The world is filled with misery and it doesn't matter how many heroes are present, misery will still hit us. The issue delves into the madness that is happening in the real world these days such as 9/11, the Isis threat, destruction of neighboring cities for a war that they had nothing to do with and others. Will some people read this into the comic? Yes. While some people would look at the destruction of all they love and hold dear with resentment, others will enter the "pity party" and decide to target the people that should have been protecting them. Hence, the heroes of the planet. As an issue, it is filled with some serious imagery and really delves into the mindset of the real world. Will this issue save this comic series? I doubt it, but, this was one of the best reads of the week and I give this comic a 8 out of 10. Good comic issue.


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