ByBrad Dee, writer at

The Star Wars comics that Marvel has been producing in the last few months have mostly been good reads. It helps to bridge the gap between Star Wars and Empire Strikes back nicely, and still finds a way to deliver a new story that we would not know the outcome to yet. This series has been doing much of the same, as we find a dishonored Vader who is on the "outs" with the Emperor over the destruction of the Death Star. His distrust and anger is seen, but, his constant planning and humor is also present in this chapter. Vader knows that he must prove his might in order to stay as the Emperor's second in command. He also knows, by his own thoughts that his time might be short and a replacement might be coming. Of course, we already know he isn't getting replaced, but that doesn't take away from the story.

The true purpose of this comic is to show just how much of a "badass" Vader can be. He is the greatest movie villain of all time, and in this comic we again get to see him at his worst. He can't be trusted, and as Aphra knows, once she has done her job for Vader, she is very expendable. But, will Vader get rid of someone who clearly worships him? That is one of the mysteries of this comic series. The addition of the evil droids who resemble R2-D2 and C3PO is also an excellent addition, and one will see very quickly the difference between these two droids and the ones we have known on the big screen for the last number of years. Some great art is again present and this comic series is again turning into the best of all the Star Wars titles. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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