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One thing that is very difficult to do is produce an actual funny comic book that makes you smack your knee when you read it. Comics need to have humor, storylines, action, purpose and nostalgia for it to work out. So, what happens when we get a comic about a talking duck whos stuck in a jail cell with a talking raccoon and a drug addict? We get greatness. Now, this issue isn't as funny as the first issue(which was great up until the end of the issue). Nor is it as funny as "Superior Foes of Spider-man" or "Ant-man", but it's still funny. The one thing that brings this comic down is the notion that the [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) needed to be in it (so quickly). Marvel needs to step away from their comic movie universe and rely more on their own universe for their comics to succeed.We are seeing it to much as of late where Marvel changes things to fit the Marvel Cinematic Universe as opposed to fitting their own series. Howard was a fun addition in the Guardians film, but, he was just an end-credit scene that was used for humor. Having him team up with the Guardians to take down the Collector(also from Guardians....are you seeing a trend???) isn't necessary for the first storyline in the comic series. But, it still does add some comedy.

The comedy is what makes this book work out. Seeing a shaved raccoon will make you cringe and laugh at the same time. How about seeing Cosmo-con? This made me laugh out loud, which is quite a task when dealing with a comic series. How about an unshaved grieving Spider-man who is sleeping on a web-pillow? Yep, this comic has that also. But, this comic also contains the cliffhanger of the year when a certain somebody appears and is waving a gun to rob the bank. Yes, that page raised the grade of this comic and it will make you laugh at the insanity that Chip Zdarsky placed in this book. As a comic, its good. Did it need all the Guardians stuff in it(so quickly)? Of course not. But, we aren't reading this comic for some lasting impressions in the 616 universe(before it ends in "Secret Wars"). No, we are reading this comic series for laughs and comedy. In that, the book succeeds. I give this comic a 8 out of 10. Can't wait for the next issue to see how Howard defeats a gun-toting (spoiler.....sorry, won't tell it to find out).


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