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Just finished watching this one, and my god, it's incredible. I started watching this one in tandem with "Code Geass" but eventually just stopped seeing that one just so I could finish this as it was a lot more interesting and exciting, though it was fun seeing the parallels. The story takes place in the year 2050, where most of the world's nations have vanished, been destroyed or were downright obliterated due to incredibly high sea levels. WW2 looking ships, using technology never seen before, seize control of the world's oceans, blockading them and closing off all ports around the globe. These become known as the Fleet of Fog. Each ship is controlled and is personifed/represented byt young woman henceforth refffered to as Mental Models. One of them loses contact with the rest and follows her one order, to become the ship of and serve a brillent high school student until his dream is achieved. Guzou Chihaya is that student's name. Several years later, Gunzou, Iona (The Mental Model) and his crew embark on a journey to recieve orders from the government and deliver a dangerous weapon.....

Whoever made this, they nailed the emotion, with almost every death being heartwarming and tragic, with plenty of heartbreak scenes throught, showcasing the horror of war. The crew is pretty likable, each one fufilling a purpose so they aren't just useless side characters. The Mental Models all have distinct qualities and their struggle to comprehend and act like humans is very intriguing, amusing and emotional. Another thing I really enjoy is the idea itself at it's very core;" what would happen if battleships were people?" This concept in itself has never been explored before, and so seeing the answer is really neat. That being said, a few flaws have come to mind. One is that, there are a few silly moments that really ruin the mood and don't fit with the show, the other is that I would have loved to see a 2nd season of the show as a continuation, not two animated movies. But those are just nitpicks. Watch it on Netflix, and see if it's your ship....


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