BySyd Kitsune, writer at

1. Terraria

This indie game is like a WAY cooler version on Minecraft. The sandbox 2D game has lots of monsters and resources for mining. The boss monsters are extremely interesting and there's no limit to what you can build. It's a lot of fun exploring the caves. You just have to be careful during that Blood Moon!

2. Alpaca Evolution

This game, or app, is pretty simple, but addicting: you are an alpaca, you knock out other alpacas, and then you absorb them. After a certain amount of alpacas have been absorbed you level up into an even more messed-up alpaca. Each level unlock you can read details about your new level/body. Other similar games are "I am Giraffe" and the prequel to "Alpaca Evolution," "Alpaca Evolution Begins."

3. Slayin

"Slayin" is another app game, but it's a very awesome one. It has the most radical, old-time graphics and is great for role-paying enthusiasts. 'Slayin" is the world's first never-ending, RPG. When you beat each level you can unlock new chest full of coins and other various items. With the coins, you can purchase better armor and weapons. You fight a large number of beasts each level, with each level in a different setting.


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