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It was reported some time ago by sources such as The and that a Bat-kid movie was in development.The film would be a drama chronicling the life of six year old cancer survivor Miles Scott.The story of Miles also involved the Make a wish foundation staging a Superhero like scenario in the epitome of batman as a gift to Miles and his family. The whole event was staged in San Francisco,CA and managed to bring the whole city together to celebrate a brave young cancer Survivor as well as give a young boy something to smile about.

bat-mom begins?
bat-mom begins?

It has also been noted the Julia Roberts is set to star in and produce the film, it's not clear what role she would be playing but it could most likely be the young cancer survivor's mom. Julia Roberts became inspired by this story of survival after reading about the story and watching the documentary titled "Bat-kid Begins" and felt that it to be told in a bigger and more artistic way.The creators of the original documentary are pleased that Roberts likes their work and openly support the idea of a feature film.

bat-kid is here?
bat-kid is here?

While there are many people who are excited to see this movie project take off there are a group of people who feel that the project should not happen since they feel the message of the original documentary would be glamorized and lost in translation when the film hits cinemas. Whatever the case this looks to be an interesting pursuit for Roberts who hasn't been in many films lately. This will join the ranks of other inspirational and real life stories set to appear on the big screen such as the upcoming movie Southpaw.

No release date or director has been announced and no other additional cast members have been revealed.


what do you think about the idea of a Bat-kid movie?


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