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To understand why Goku has blue hair in the upcoming new Dragon Ball z move, we will have to see the trailer atleast twice. Why twice, because the first time we don't really pay attention to the details, either we don't care or we're just too bloody excited. Anyways, after seeing the trailer I realized two things:

  • Goku never turns Supersaiyan 1,2 or 3.
  • Vegeta never turns Supersaiyan 1 or 2.
  • Gohan or Gotenks (not sure) turns supersaiyan - strange, why him and not Goku or Vegeta.
  • Golden frieza can go toe to toe with a Supersaiyan Goku or Vegeta, if he couldn't then Gotenks would have beaten the shit out of him as he can turn Supersaiyan.

Heres what I think:

  • while the two little baddies who revived frieza may have also wished for Goku or Vegeta to never turn supersaiyan again, Frieza is the type of alien, who will play dirty with Saiyans.
  • The reason why Gotenks could turn Supersaiyan is because Frieza didn't know about his existance, but than again they frieza will make a wish for all saiyans to never turn supersaiyan, but knowing him he would just say Goku and Vegeta.
  • Or Frieza didn't make a wish for their supersaiyan powers to go
  • The two lili henchmens of frieza perhaps had the same technology as the one used on Brolly to bind his Supersaiyan powers, therefore block their powers.
  • The Golden form may have not been a transformation but way of absorbing Saiyan energy.
  • And it goes on.

I believe Frieza has found a way to absorb all the Supersaiyan power hence the Gold form or The technology has restricted their power levels.

The only other guy seen to have Blue Hair was Brolly. Brolly was able to over power the mechanism if he got too angry. Hence I think that the blue hair refers Supersaiyangod Level 2.

Anyways leme know what you think, that blue hair is too hard to understand.


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