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Well this is actually my first proper review on movie pilot as the 50 or so other posts (and the 60 or so others left to upload) are from my old blog, so my first proper review is Much Ado About Nothing. Much Ado About Nothing is the 2012 adaptation of the 17th century play by William Shakespeare, and was adapted by Joss Whedon; Much Ado About Nothing centers on a group of soldiers and their prince Don Pedro, returning successful from war against his brother Don Jon, and their exploits when they visit the house of Leonato in Messina which involves romance, betrayal and despair. Much Ado About Nothing stars Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Fran Kranz, Reed Diamond, Sean Maher, Clark Gregg, Jillian Morgese and Nathan Fillion.

There are a lot of positives in this film, which include: great acting, good story, great plot progression, brilliant score, masterful direction and there are some funny moments. Everyone in this film gives a good performance, sometimes the performance can go a little overboard but it always seemed to fit the tone of the film or the character; the story is also good as it captures emotion as well as comedy with some twists and turns to keep you captivated. The film is very well adapted to the screen by Joss Whedon as he changed things to make the film suit a modern feel as the film takes place in the modern day (unlike Kenneth Branagh's adaptation); also making other significant changes like the genders of characters, adding scenes with no speech to add back story and changing what the characters do on screen which is normally where most of the humour comes from. An example of this is when Don Jon executes his revenge he leaves with the men by his side in sorrow but he is calm and delighted and as he leaves he picks up a cupcake, for some reason this made me burst out laughing. There are many other moments that are funny in this film most of them come from the physical comedy (more to do with Joss) but the play itself does have its moments of hilarity, like every scene with Nathan Fillion and Tom Lenk (the interrogation scene is the best). The score is also excellent and though I have seen this film before, watching it again reminded me of the brilliance of the score so it's going on my list of scores to listen to while revising alongside: The Dark Knight, Inception, Primer, Upstream Colour, Man of Steel and The Lord of the Rings.

There isn't much on the side of negatives apart from the obvious inconsistencies in the adaptation which were actually unavoidable and the humour. The inconsistencies are only little things like how nowadays as soon as two people fall in love they don't instantly get married but things like this and the way the people talk are unavoidable when adapting it to be in the modern day. As it is being adapted from a 400 year old play culture has changed a bit, so when watching this film you just have to accept these flaws. Also for a film that is meant to be a full on comedy it's not really that funny apart from a few scenes; which is worth noting however I like this film more for its plot and more depressing moments than its humour, which I still laugh at but I don't feel it is the center of this movie.

Overall I really liked Much Ado About Nothing for its wittiness, good plot and brilliant adaptation so taking everything I have said into consideration I rate this film:



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