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Lauren Victoria

Woah where do I start!!! This rebel chick knows her way around a pair of skates! This is a great movie about a young girl, forced to enter pageants by her obsessive mother who wants to relive her own golden days. Bliss Cavender is your average teenage girl, battling with snooty peers and her own identity. When she's out with her mother buying some shoes, some rockstar beefcakes roll in on some roller skates advertising a new roller skate sport that involves tough women pushing each other out of the way to get to the finish line first. Also there's a guy who's in a band who Bliss falls for but he goes on tour and scr*ws her over.

I absolutely love Bliss, she's so average, you feel like you could bump into her working at your local cafe, I love that she's completely normal, doesn't have a super model body and isn't plastered in makeup. Half the time you see these movies that are about young girls that are supposed to look like the plain jane, but even when there playing that part, their done up to the nines, plastered in makeup to get the natural look. How are young girls meant to feel comfortable in their own skin if the actors and actresses that are meant to look average, look like supermodels, it just gives kids un-realistic expectations, unless ofcourse they have the vogue editing team and a make-up artist on speed dial. I think it's great Bliss is your average pretty young girl that sticks up for what she want's, so she might not be every parents idea of the perfect child, going out late and roller-skate wrestling, but parents should at least respect the fact she's being herself and not letting bullies both in the skating world, in her home and at school, make her feel like shes not good enough.

Some of the tricks the skaters do are pretty awesome, honestly I'd be scared to death to step into the skating ring, so it's cool feeling like your apart of the team without having to leave your bedroom. I also love the story-line, i'm so glad her parents finally accept what she wants to do, I think it should be a message to all parents. I'm not going to lie, I absolutely adore the fashions the girls wear, there rock chic glamour just makes me want to go out there and buy some DM's. But on a serious note, it's great that the girls don't care what others think about the way they look, because at the end of the day, you shouldn't be dressing for other peoples satisfaction.

I think alot of young girls can really relate to the torn up, confused emotions Bliss feel's when the supposed love of her life can't be bothered with her and decides cheating is okay. Bliss expresses her feeling's of stupidity, as though she should have known he was going to turn out to be a bad egg. A lot of people would feel like that and I think it's good to show people that it's okay to feel stupid aslong as you realize in the end that it wasn't you that have the issues, GO YOU! and all that jazz.

If you want a good mix of story-line, genius one liners and some girl power then this is definitely the movie for you.


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