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I'm glad we got a new Suicide Squad in the comics, but at the same time... I want more than that. What I mean is I wanted lesser know characters (specifically villains) too be apart of it. Not taking anything away for the other SS groups. From how I see it the more lesser known characters would be Talon, Black Hand, and Parasite (kind of). When I mean lesser known, I mean characters that you don't see often or even forgotten! So, without further a due, my Suicide Squad list!


Why not!? She's an Amazon... technically. Her character was introduced in the Justice League animated series! She was a girl adopted by the Amazons after a shipwreck and was trained by them. I think they can take the character even further. She would be a good choice to lead the team. Oh, she's Fury, but they didn't call her that in the Justice League. I'm well aware there is a Fury in Earth 2, she's Wonder Woman's daughter. What I would say is...

That's right! You need to earn the name!


Another villain from the Bruce Timm universe we saw! Leslie Willis was a shock jock that constantly bashed on Superman. She was fired after her station changed into country. She went to the station were she was struck by lightning, but she absorbed it. Though, her power might be difficult to contain. Honestly, Livewire is fun to watch. I think she would be great on the team.


If I'm correct, this is Mera's sister! It would be so cool to see her have some more shine. She's one of Aquaman's villains.


She's another character enjoyable to watch. She would be the Green Arrow on the team. Besides you seen her before!

Yup, she was in the Suicide Squad anyway.


He's debatable. I only say this because it depends if the show is on tv or a web series. If they change his power a little maybe. Anyway, this is a Hawkman villain and he would be an interesting pick. He has the power to draw life and knowledge from the heads he severs and shrinks. Also, he utilizes Nth Metal!

Dora Keane (Darkling)

Honestly, I have no idea about this character, other than she is a Shazam villain. Shazam does have much of a rogue gallery. She has the power over darkness and able to shroud Shazam Lightning!

Superwoman (Lucy Lane)

I know, I know... I talk about her a lot, but that doesn't matter! She was given orders and that's what she carries out as a soldier. Her power suit altered her DNA and gave her the power of a kryptonian. She's also the younger sister of Lois Lane! In this case, she wouldn't exactly be in the Suicide Squad, but more so Amanda Waller's insurance. BTW, Aresia and her would contend for leadership.

In Conclusion: This as an animated series would be amazing! I would have it as a web series. Less restriction (at least that I know of) and the reason is because I notice the networks these are brought on constantly cancel these shows. Of course, some of these characters wouldn't seem right in the Suicide Squad (Secret Society maybe). If anything, this would be a group of villains because they would seem too powerful to be controlled by Waller or the government.

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