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Adam Sandler has fallen into somewhat of am infamous class. He is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood, but he is also one of the most under performing in history.

It has been so long since we have seen a great Adam Sandler Comedy. The Water Boy, Billy Madison, and Happy Gilmore are some of the last times we saw Sandler in a legendary comedy.

While his movies may be declining, does that mean that he is any less of an actor? We have seen him play amazing dramatic roles like Reign Over Me and Punch Drunk Love.

Recently with the trailer release of his upcoming film Pixels; which based on the trailer alone, seems like it has the potential to be a hit that takes Sandler out of the movie bust basement he has been trapped in.

With seeing this recent trailer and watching Reign Over Me, for a second time I began to wonder if Adam Sandler's mannerisms and ability to play somewhat of a mad man could be applied to a comic book villain favorite; The Joker.

Now before you freak out, please remember this is just another article in a series I do called, "Just For Fun." This is a simple series where I think of very outlandish choices for some of our favorite comic book characters, that will more than likely never happen. It is just a way to look at certain actors in a different light, and make the audience think.

Could Sandler pull off the role?

Sandler has always been great at playing characters that are somewhat psychotic. The three films that I mentioned in the beginning of the article Water boy, Billy Madison, and Happy Gilmore were all characters that had a bit of crazy in them.

He also was incredible playing more of a dramatic crazy in Reign Over Me. His acting range is surprisingly wide. He has played such a large array of characters, but his recent trend of under-performing movies, and lack of character acting, has caused fans to forget his talent.

Adam Sandler in Reign Over Me
Adam Sandler in Reign Over Me

The role in itself as The Joker could be something Sandler could easily pull off. We have seen many incarnations of the Clown Prince of Crime, and many different portrayals. I feel like Adam Sandler could put a very unique spin on the character.

I would love to see his Joker voice, as well as his own brand of mannerisms.

Sandler's ability to play crazy, and dramatic in such a unique combo are something that really intrigue me about the idea of him playing The Joker.

Is Sandler's career beyond saving?

A role like The Joker could have been a career changer for Sandler. Unfortunately that role went to Jared Leto (and for good reason). But is it too late for Sandler to get his career back on track?

While Sandler continues to put up solid box office numbers, the quality of movies do not reflect the money they make, nor his acting ability.

Some fans have even started to question Sandler's desire to make films. His acting, almost seems somewhat uninterested, and half-assed. The characters he plays do not have any development, and it seems like Sandler is just showing up to the set to read his lines.

Adam Sandler in Water Boy
Adam Sandler in Water Boy

As a fan of Sandler, and someone who recognizes his acting ability, I hope that 'Pixels' turns out to be a change of pace for Sandler.

Hopefully from here on out though, Sandler will pick and choose his roles more carefully. I hope he puts off making his own movies out of his production company Happy Madison, and maybe tries to take on some supporting roles in some dramatic films, and try to build his brand back up.

Or if he truly must create his own films, I hope he tries to look for some inspiration, and create another iconic character like in his earlier years.

Adam Sandler in Billy Madison
Adam Sandler in Billy Madison

Adam Sandler is still a great actor, that will never leave him. But if he wants to turn everything around, and be remembered for the amazing actor that he is, and the comedic legend that he should be, then he will need to start going back to whatever it was that made him a big name to begin with.

I know creating amazing movies is not as easy as a flick of the wrist; but producing at least quality movies is something that was easy for Sandler early on, and I do not believe it is too late for him to return to that level of production.

But what do you guys think? Could Sandler have made a good Joker? And is his career going to ever pick back up? Tell me what you think in the comments, and thank you for reading. Remember though, that it is "Just For Fun."

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Could Adam Sandler play The Joker?


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