ByDiana L Palmer, writer at

This film brought to life a part of history I imagine many of us have never heard of, namely the group of cross-word champions and mathematicians led by Mathematician, Cryptanlysist, Biologist and widely considered as the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, Alan Turing .

The pensive genius of Alan Turing was so brilliantly portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch that it was palpable. Keira Knightley gives a fine performance as the only female member of the code-breaking team and best friend and confidant of Turing, despite disbelief in his abilities and persecution for his homosexuality.

The statement was made that due to the brilliance and determination, despite the hurdles, of Turing and his code-breaking team, the 2nd World War was cut short by 2 years sparing an estimated 14 million lives.

This movie is now in my collection.


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