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I got introduced to comic book hero's pretty much late but cartoons like swat cats, masks etc used to keep me keen in this category from my earlier cartoon loving days. I started liking the villains and the other characters of the comics as well ,thanks to the writing skill of Batman animated series , justice league series , young justice series etc. The origins , their value in the comic books as well are kept to the highest level compared to the protagonist of the comic itself.
Where as the Recent television adaptation of arrow and flash itself has declined the awesome story telling abilities of dc comics in itself. If a new comic book reader or admirer is born watching these series then they won't have any kinds of expectation what so ever. The origin of arrow felt good but him learning his skills from slade wilson ( death stroke) was weird. The fight scene's were too dull and amateur whereas the story about a growing arrow was too weaker for my palate. Flash on the other hand seems to have totally taken the mojo out of flash himself. The real flash is energetic, charming, ladies man ( umm.. no but he tries to be one) but the television adaptation seems to be low on fuel, seems sad, geeky on the most part of his life. On the other side, a new series of dardevil has started its round about in the television universe and trust me it quiet more neat then the both series of flash and arrow combined ( they are about to do that aswell).
As being a Dc fanboy myself , i like my superhero's to b super with awesome story lines that makes them feel like humans rather than god's cause of the portrayal of their emotions. The Dc television universe has to learn a fewer tricks from daredevil as they have portrayed the character and his abilities to the fullest.

Fewer things DC can learn from Daredevil
1) DO your character study before jumping in, make the character more similar to the comic universe by that i don't mean to mix-match it as it has done with arrow and batman. Arrow seems quiet awesome according to the appearance but the action skills in requires and the experience it has to portray somehow is missing. Same goes out with flash, The first thing it has missed is flash himself, it doesn't showcase the real flash as i have mentioned in before about his appearance and things like that. He seems unsettled ,nervous somehow.

2) Casting
The experience showcased by daredevil and arrow is somehow similar as the hero's are starting fresh as amateurs but the story line and the experience of watching these both series seems different due to the way it is filmed. Tried to watch arrow for 2 season but it never gave me the awesome feeling it gave as watching the other series. The supporting actors as-well might have been the problem.

3) Setting a preference level
Marvel with daredevil went unorthodox on its viewers, whereas flash and arrow went to the other way. Somehow marvel has gone darker through daredevil and has shown a more mature site for their audience whereas dc has gone stupidly on the +12 range and shown its softest side in the series somehow. As tv series all over the world are breaking there barrier's by showcasing heart numbing experience with shows like Game of thrones killing its casts and exploding their heads in episodes. The writers can take notes from the comic side ((


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