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Adam Lamarre

Zombies and vampires and remakes , oh my!! Horror movies nowadays are lacking something, be it originality or good old fashioned storytelling. Most horror movies coming out are lame brained remakes, or yet another movie about the zombie apocalypse. I don't know about you, but I'm getting burned out on the whole zombie thing. Here's one thing that I hate about modern horror, and that is British actors playing American characters. Most of the British actors accents seep through a lot, and that kind of takes me out of the movie. One thing that I hate is CGI blood and gore. It just looks really fake. The practical effects from 80's horror looks more realistic by comparison. The other thing I hate about modern horror is the ending of the movies. Case in point 2012's MaMa. That ending was completely ridiculous and really far fetched. It made the movie completely stupid. Well that's what I think is the problem with modern horror movies. What are your thoughts on the subject?


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