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Matthew Surprenant

I'll start by saying Scream is one of my horror favorites, as I'm sure it is for many. While the movie series has had its ups and downs, I never tired of it's self-aware identity. The MTV series looks prepared to take the identity of the initial Scream and add an extra self-aware layer.

While I appreciate the concept, I'll admit I'm leery of the sexual tone MTV looks ready to take. I'm also afraid the scares may take a backseat to the melodrama. Sure, it may become the next Dead at 21, but one can't say. The other element I'm unsure of is it seems proud it's a series. It's a great gag, but can it really be a lasting element of a TV series or even a miniseries for that matter?

I'll give the show a chance, as will many, but I have my doubts it'll complete its first season, if the trailer is any indication.


What do you think of MTV doing a Scream series?


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