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Fast and furious, in its series of movies has become a must watch blockbuster in pop culture as the time went by. The awesome car's, the mind numbing stunts and the Houdini escapes without a scratch ( ha Ha ha..) has made this franchise an awesome spectacle . The original cast of Paul ,van diesel,Michelle, Jordana and the later on addition such as Tyrese, Rock, ludacris, Lucas black etc has made this franchise even better. From there with 7 movies released so far, it has collected $ 3,183,993,332 in worldwide collection and it resides on the no 12 slot for the best earning franchise of all time in box-office list. The movie franchise is known to provide an awesome experience rather then a complicated story line which leaves the audience with heads to scratch.
However, the crew of fast and furious went through a recovery phase with the movie fast and furious 7 as they had to deal with the untimely demise of the core actor Paul walker who was married to Dominic's (vin diesel) sister Mia. The franchise has dedicated this movie to the late actor who died on November 30, 2013 whist residing along side his friend Roger Rodas, 38 who drove the red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. The sudden demise of the late actor came in the middle of the filming process and had to be completed by his own brother Cody walker throughout the movie. The movie was an Un-usual experience as it seems to be going through this grieving period from the loss of Paul. The strong character of Dominic took all the charge as all the character seemed dull in their appearance in the movie. Paul walker had less lines to speak as did all of the cast as it was moreover a still a movie based on Dominic and Letty. Roman (Tyrese) was used as punching bag for the lighter side in the movie as it lacked the juice. My deeper condolence to the character that also died in the movie out of nowhere, Sung kang (Han Lue) who was killed off during the movie as a Character.
R.I.P. ( Han Lue)

Actor  sung fang's character was killed off in the franchise who played as Han leu. Rip.
Actor sung fang's character was killed off in the franchise who played as Han leu. Rip.

Now the question rises, where will the franchise grow from here as they have parted ways with Brian at the end of the fast 7 movie with a tear jerking farewell which also was the best moment in the movie amid all of the stunts performed by the crew. The movie needs a reboot, as we all know the heavy sand bags of acting was all taken by paul and tyrese themselves in the franchise. Fast and furious 8 seems to have been on development as it returns to new york for its next installement , but will it have the same impact as the other movies only time will tell. As we all know that fast and furious's great collection this summer was all due to sympathetic reasons rather than the hype of the movie. Here are the things that they can do to reboot the movie back to its feet.

1) Taking a break
Taking a break doesn't have to be leaving the ring amid the fight but to be fresher than ever and striking with a new revelation that will leave a sweeter taste in to the palate.

2) Sneaking in a newer concept movie.
Just like Tokyo drift, we can introduce a new movie concept to the franchise which will not only lift the burden off the crew but as well help the franchise to go on a different route while, u create a newer story to prolong the franchise's legacy.

.P.S. A brief appearance of some of the original movie cast will make it even better

3) Mash-up Movies
Its like who wouldn't like a mash up movie to take place in there cinematic universe. The closest to the franchise would be Transformer's as it has already gone on to the roots with Transporter movie which started Jason statham.
Just imagine:
Fast and furious :The real Transformation ( Doesn't have to be the same title)
This idea will surely do good to both movie franchise and will be a mega blockbuster like Avenger's.

A greater role advantage to all of the character will do good to the movie franchise as well. Fast and furious 7 was all about Vin diesel and his affair, Jason statham was showcased poorly , Character like tyrese, rock etc were tossed like salad dressing just to dress it better but ended up Un-even. Therefore, the above given points should be considered in order to sustain the franchise post Paul walker's death which has left a hole in the movie's future.

I leave u with the song that sums up the pain of the paul's early demise. R.I.P. One love............


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