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Jared Leto is set to be the next joker in DC's Suicide Squad. With production up and running there has been a lot of question on whether Leto is fit to live up to the role. Personally Speaking, i think he is perfect for the direction that they want to go with this character. It seems as if they want to go with the "Killing Joke" joker and i don't think that anyone could play that role quite like Leto will.

Image of Leto Resembling The Killing joke Cover
Image of Leto Resembling The Killing joke Cover

Jared Leto's Work ethic is unmatched

Jared Leto is one of the hardest working actors in the business today. He is very selective about his roles, he will only accept a role if he feels like he can give a 110%. He is what is called a "Method Actor" which means he does everything he can to get in a mental state of the character he is playing. Leto even goes to the lengths of remaining in character throughout the duration of filming, much like the previous actor who played the Joker, Heath Ledger, and we all know what type of performance he brought to the table. Leto even Jeopardizes his health at times just to remain in character. When you play such a sick and twisted character like the Joker it is a necessity, the deep and horrific thoughts of such character are some that are not easily emulated.

The killing Joke cover
The killing Joke cover

I believe a lot of the initial skepticism had to do with Heath Ledgers outstanding Performance in The Dark Knight. 7 years after the release of that film and it still leaves a lasting impression in our mind and paints the picture of the definitive cinematic Joker. Not only was Ledgers performance arguably the greatest performance in any superhero related film, i would dare to say its one of the greatest performances in film of the past 25 years. Jared Leto has big shoes to fill, fans will be greatly disappointed with anything less than spectacular. There were also talks of Mark Hamill possibly filling the role of Joker. Initially this seemed like a perfect match as Hamill has voiced the Joker in various Batman video games and animated series, and his performance as the Trickster on the CW series the Flash was met with critical acclaim. But as you begin to realize the direction that DC wanted to go with the character it makes perfect sense to me why they decided on Jared Leto over Mark Hamill. For one i believe age had a huge part in the decision, granted Leto (43) is no spring chicken himself but compared to Hamill (63) he is relatively young. For this iteration of the Joker they want want to go with that sick, twisted, dark sense of humor the joker exhibited greatly in the Killing Joke, Leto has that energy about him, that dark, sadistic sense of humor. Hamill would bring a more serious approach to the character of the Joker, he doesn't exactly fit that mold of "Killing Joke' Joker.

Its's all in the eyes!
Its's all in the eyes!

Jared Leto fits the picture i paint in my head when i think about a cinematic Joker. He has the looks to play the part, from the piercing and fierce yet dead eyes to his facial structure, he is the closest thing to a comic book Joker to the big screen that we probably could get, he has sort of a long, wiry, pipe cleaner like body that is perfect for the character such as the Joker. he just really plays into the mold of what i want from a Joker in a film. If you haven't seen the film Lord of War i highly recommend it, Leto is incredibly capable of playing a psycho on the big screen and it shows in that film. He was absolutely terrifying in Panic Room, a role that he played with absolute perfection. He is the perfect actor to play a psychotic maniac. If that doesn't persuade you, maybe this video will, can someone say Joker?

I do believe Jared Leto will be able to bring a fresh new twist to the Character of the Joker. Going all the way back to the Batman series from 1966 when Cesar Romero played the Joker, he brought the comic book Joker to life on the small screen and boy did he do one hell of a job. Jack Nicholson didn't bring much of a twist to the character, but brought that Jack Nicholson energy, with that goofy controlled chaos and that giant smile. Heath Ledger brought a more serious and dark role to the joker, he really humanized the character in a way nobody thought was possible. I believe Leto will once again reinvent the character and really make it his own, and i don't believe we will be at all disappointed with his performance. I must admit i haven't been this excited for someone being cast as a character in quite some time. I think it is a perfect fit. To me there is nobody that could come close to bringing that character to life in the way that he will.

If not Jared Leto, Who else?

James Franco

If i had to choose a second option it would have to be James Franco. He has the look, and the personality to fit the character of the Joker. He is an actor's actor much like Jared Leto. And not to mention he was great as Harry Osbourne in the original spider-man films

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey from The Number 23
Jim Carrey from The Number 23

Another option would be Jim Carrey. Again he has that look that i visualize when i think of the Joker. Jim Carrey is known for his goofy and very energetic sense of humor which could play into the character very well. He is no stranger to playing crazy characters either, he had excellent performances in The Mask, The Number 23, and yes even the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of the best actors in the world today, he has an extreme dedication to his roles that i believe is unmatched in the industry. He truly defines roles such as Jack Sparrow, the Mad Hatter, Gilbert Grape, the list goes on and one. He has a pretty good look to play the role of Joker and he would have the dedication required to fill that role.

In the end, it's Jared Leto's Role to own

Everyone will have their own opinions on who should play the Joker, but to me its always going to be Jared Leto. He is going to bring life to that character that we may have never seen before. I am extremely excited for to see his performance and for the [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) movie in general. Its going to exciting to see all of our favorite DC villains on thee big screen. Only the future will tell if my predictions are correct, but i'm fairly confident that he will prove to the believer like myself and many others why he is the perfect choice for our favorite, wonderful, chaotic disaster, The Joker.


Who do you thin is the right person for the Joker?

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