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Before Witches of East End and our favorite Teen Witch, there was Charmed — a bewitching TV series filled with mystique, magic and serious sisterhood goals.

For those who didn't treat themselves to this '90s gem, here's a brief plot recap: When Phoebe returns to San Francisco to live with her older sisters, Prue and Piper, in Halliwell Manor, she had no idea how much their lives would change. After finding The Book of Shadows in the manor's attic, Phoebe learns that she and her sisters are the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches of all time. Battling demons, warlocks, and countless evil spirits on the daily, the aim of the game was to save innocents from the clutches of evil (and to look enviably cool while doing so).

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Unfortunately after eight amazing seasons, like all good things, the show came to an end. However, Charmed up until this day, remains one of the most beloved fantasy series out there — but what have the 'Charmed' cast been up to since blowing out the Charmed candle in 2006? Let's take a look.

The Sisters:

Prue Halliwell Shannen Doherty

[Credit: The WB/ @theshando Instagram]
[Credit: The WB/ @theshando Instagram]
  • Character: Doherty played big sister Prue, with her powers of telekinesis, she was basically the strongest sister of all 3.
  • Since Charmed: Shannen has played several characters in different low budget movies such as Category 7: End of the World and Witchslayer Gretl. She reprise her role as bad girl Brenda Walsh on the reboot of 90210 for 8 episodes, competed on the popular show Dancing with the Stars in 2010 and was the host of Syfy channel's "Scare Tactics" before it was passed down to Tracy Morgan.
  • Upcoming Roles: Bethany, How to Make a Deal with the Devil, MallBrats, Undateable John

In her personal life, Doherty is been battling cancer and documents her daily struggles alongside messages of inspiration on her Instagram account.

Piper Halliwell Holly Marie Combs

[Credit: The WB/ @hollymariecombs Instagram]
[Credit: The WB/ @hollymariecombs Instagram]
  • Character: Middle sister Piper was the peacemaker and the quiet one at the beginning of the series, but sadly when Prue passed away, she had to take on the role of the big sister and she did an incredible job.
  • Since Charmed: Holly Marie Combs currently stars on the ABC family hit series Pretty Little Liars as Ella Montgomery and also made a cameo appearance on Hell's Kitchen in 2014. She co-owns a ranch with BFF Shannen Doherty, and is the mother of 3 children.

Phoebe Halliwell Alyssa Milano

[Credit: The WB/ @milano_alyssa Instagram]
[Credit: The WB/ @milano_alyssa Instagram]
  • Character: Troublemaker and all around sexy sister Phoebe was the rebel of the 4, but after several seasons, she did some major growing up, and took on the responsibility of the middle sister.
  • Since Charmed: Alyssa Milano is well known in T.V especially for being one of the stars of the famous sitcom, Who's the Boss. You can also see her in My Name Is Earl, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, Hall Pass and Mistresses.
  • Upcoming projects: What Goes Around Comes Around

Paige MathewsRose Mcgowan

[Credit: The WB/ @rosemcgowan Instagram]
[Credit: The WB/ @rosemcgowan Instagram]
  • Character: Little sister Paige came into the picture after Prue's death, when Piper & Phoebe discovered that their mom, had a love child with her white-lighter Sam. Therefore the power of 3 was reconstituted and were able to keep on fending off demons and warlocks during the rest of the series.
  • Since Charmed: Rose McGowan went on to work on many different projects including Planet Terror, Conan the Barbarian, Once Upon a Time and Chosen. You might have also heard her voice on the game, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Exo Zombies.
  • Upcoming projects: Lower Bay

The Family

Patty Halliwell Finola Hughes

[Credit: The WB/ @finolafilona Instagram]
[Credit: The WB/ @finolafilona Instagram]
  • Character: Finola Hughes played the mother of "The Charmed Ones" Patty. She died when the girls were younger, but showed up thru at the show as a ghost when the girls were in need.
  • Since Charmed: Like Crazy, Beware the Batman, Dance-Off and General Hospital.

Penny 'Grams' Halliwell Jennifer Rhodes

[Credit: The WB/@jjrhodes9 Twitter]
[Credit: The [email protected] Twitter]
  • Character: "Grams" was the matriarch of the Halliwell clan, tough and strong headed she always tried to guide the girls thru the right path. She became the guardian and mother figure of the girls when Patty passed away.
  • Since Charmed: Gilmore Girls, CSI, The Mentalist, Love Sick, Grey's Anatomy, Mary + Jane

Victor Bennett — James Read

[Credit: The WB/@jamzread Twitter]
[Credit: The [email protected] Twitter]
  • Character: Victor Bennett is the father of the charmed ones and was absent for most of the girls lives until they re-connected and made up for lost years.
  • Since Charmed: Days of Our Lives, All Signs of Death, Talker.

The Kids

Wyatt M. Halliwell Jason And Kristopher Simmons

[Credit: The WB/@krissimmons02 Twitter]
[Credit: The [email protected] Twitter]
  • Character: Wyatt Piper and Leo's first born son played by Twin actors Jason and Kristopher Simmons (yes most shows require sets of twins on films/TV shows) have been on the down low ever since. Their website is still active but no upcoming projects that we know of.

Wyatt M. HalliwellWes Ramsey

[Credit: The WB/@wes_ramsey Instagram]
[Credit: The [email protected]_ramsey Instagram]
  • Character: Wyatt, Piper and Leo's first born son played as an adult by Wes Ramsey was handsome and evil. Well that's until little brother Chris came from the future and warned the charmed ones about it and of course they were able to defeat the threat.
  • Since Charmed: Guiding Light, Days of Our Lives, Heroes, House, Grey's Anatomy, The Mentalist, Pretty Little Liars, Code Black

Chris HalliwellDrew Fuller

[Credit: The WB/@drfuller Instagram]
[Credit: The [email protected] Instagram]
  • Character: Baby brother Chris went thru hell and back trying to convince the charmed ones that a "demon" wanted to get his hands on Wyatt and turn him evil. Thru the struggles and the lies after sometime they found out he was really Piper and Leo's son from the future.
  • Since Charmed: Blonde Ambition, Army Wives, Fatal Instinct, 911 Nightmare, Beyond Brotherhood

The Charming Men

Andy Trudeau T.W King/Ted King

[Credit: The WB/@officialtedking Twitter]
[Credit: The [email protected] Twitter]
  • Character: Detective Andy Trudeau loved his work and most of all Prue. While trying to protect Prue from a Demon, he lost his life and of course met with Prue in the after life.
  • Since Charmed: Ted King mostly known for his roles on soap operas such as General Hospital and One Life to Live has had a pretty successful TV career. After charmed, he went on to do some work on Prison Break and Alpha House. He's married to Maya Rodwell and has 2 kids.

Leo Wyatt Brian Krause

[Credit: The WB/@thebriankrause Twitter]
[Credit: The [email protected] Twitter]
  • Character: Leo Leo Leo.. Every week we tuned in to see if Leo and Piper were finally going to be able to love each other freely until the elders gave the ok. He and Piper went on to have a happy and loving life till the end of the series.
  • Since Charmed: Krause has been quiet busy after charmed doing a whole lot of movies, too many to mention. But you can catch him in Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds and the series Turn Back Time, Deadly Prank, Chasing Jose and Ribbons.

Cole Turner/Balthazor Julian Mcmahon

[Credit: The WB/@mcmahon.julian Instagram]
[Credit: The [email protected] Instagram]
  • Character: Bad boy turned good Cole Turner started of by wanting to kill the charmed ones until he fell in love with Phoebe. After some time of playing good, Cole once again fell for the power of darkness and became the source, even making Phoebe his queen. Since that didn't turn out, he basically lost it and the charmed ones (Paige) was finally able to vanquish him.
  • Since Charmed: Julian went on to star in his own series Nip/Tuck playing handsome Dr. Troy, but not before he became the evil Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four movies. He also had an appearance on the series Full Circle and also on the mini tv series Childhood's End. He's been previously married 3 times, once to Dannii Minogue (yes sister of Kylie Minogue) then to actress Broke Burns and he's currently married to Kelly Paniagua.

Coop — Victor Webster

[Credit: The WB/@iamvictorwebster Instagram]
[Credit: The [email protected] Instagram]
  • Character: We thought that Phoebe was going to stay with Cole forever, but in this case, she finally found real love with none other than a cupid named Coop. Send to Phoebe by the elders themselves, Coop and Phoebe's love wasn't going to be forbidden like it was once for Piper and Leo. So after sometime and struggles they finally said I do and had 3 wonderful kids at the end of the series.
  • Since Charmed: Victor Webster went on to work on TV series such as Lincoln Heights after charmed and ended up in the famous Melrose Place. You can also see him in Mutant X, Continuum, Surrogates and Dirty Love.

Henry Mitchel — Ivan Sergei

[Credit: The WB/@ivansergei Instagram]
[Credit: The [email protected] Instagram]

  • Character: While looking in on his paroles and trying to adjust to the life surrounding Paige, Henry fought for Paige's love (literally against Nigel) and won her heart.
  • Since Charmed: Ivan went on to do Jack Hunter, The Break-Up, Broken Memories, Fatal Instinct and Twisted

Friends And Enemies

Darryl Morris Dorian Gregory

[Credit: The WB/Dorian Gregory Facebook]
[Credit: The WB/Dorian Gregory Facebook]
  • Characters: Detective Darryl Morris was Andy's best friend and partner. He helped the charmed ones in every situation that he was needed, until there was that particular episode where he almost lost his life, and he wasn't the same ever again, leaving the charmed ones with little to no help, Darryl didn't really want to get involved in their world anymore. You might recognize Dorian Gregory from that "Sears" commercial a few years ago.
  • Since Charmed: Dorian has really not had a lot of projects around. He was the host of Charmed: Access All Areas where it was a behind the scenes and more fun stuff about charmed. You can catch Dorian on The Bad Girls Guide and even several hosting gigs on "Soul Train Music Awards."

Billie Jenkins — Kaley Cuoco

[Credit: The WB/@normancook Instagram]
[Credit: The [email protected] Instagram]
  • Character: Billie came into the picture on the last season of charmed, and if you asked me, I think that's the reason the ratings went down since the story line about her and her sister didn't work quiet right and all went downhill from there, but that's just me. Billie initially started off as Paige's protege and charge. After they went into hiding, Billie pretty much was excited about taking out demons on her own, and of course finding out who had her sister.
  • Since Charmed: In real life, Kaley is known for starring on the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory as Penny since 2007.

Christy Jenkins — Marnette Patterson

[Credit: The WB/@marnette_patterson Instagram]
[Credit: The [email protected]_patterson Instagram]
  • Character: Christy was abducted by demons as a kid. She was actually being trained by the triad to take down the sisters when the time was right and after convincing her sister Billie that the charmed one were "the bad guys" they tried but failed miserably.
  • Since Charmed: Marnette Patterson has been seen in some shows like CSI and House. You can catch her in the Oscar nominated film American Sniper alongside Bradley Cooper.

The Manor / Halliwell House

This painted Victorian is instantly recognizable to most of us as Halliwell Manor from the popular TV series Charmed. The show was set in San Francisco, but in real life it’s known as the Innes House in Los Angeles. One of the most important facts about Charmed and their legacy of course is the house, which is located in the middle of a spiritual nexus and makes the charmed one's even stronger. The Innes House was reportedly built in 1887 for one of Los Angeles’s first City Councilmen, Daniel Innes. In 1971 it was designated as a historical landmark. It’s located at 1329 Carroll Avenue near Echo Park in Angelino Heights, one of the oldest neighborhoods in L.A. It’s considered an Eastlake Victorian. Reports say that the house was built in 1903 (other sources say 1887), and that it has 5 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 2,900 square feet.

[Credit: The WB]
[Credit: The WB]

The house was mainly used for exterior scenes only. All the scenes shot inside were sets made up by production and the house looks a bit different then what the show let's us see.

Fun Fact: movies such as Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo and The Guilt Trip show scenes of the house. Also did you know that Michael Jackson's famous "Thriller" video was shot near by?? How cool is that?!

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[Credit: The WB]
[Credit: The WB]


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