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Amy Martin

'Scream' was the first horror movie I ever saw as a kid, and like many other children and young teens around the globe, it scared the utter crap out of me. So naturally, I watched it over and over again, until I was given the chance to watch the second. Then the third, and then years later, the fourth when it was released at the cinema in 2011.

Being a fan of the Scream series, I wasn't overly pleased when I heard rumor about the making of a TV series - by MTV, of course. Now obviously this wasn't because I didn't want to see Ghostface back on the TV screen again, but simply because I feel that the making of horror TV series' are just a big cash grab, and they generally don't work out too well - a fully fledged attempt isn't put in. I would be SO much happier if the news that Wes Craven was working on Scream 5 was to be reported.

Only to add to my disappointment regarding the TV series was the release of the news that the classic 'Ghostface' mask from the original series would NOT be making an appearance in the pilot. I mean, come on, seriously?! Since it's release in 1996, 'Scream' has spawned 3 sequels, and gained a dedicated cult following. A CULT FOLLOWING YOU SAY? SOUNDS LIKE THERE'S MONEY TO BE MADE!!!

Enough with my ranting, check out the trailer below, and tell me what you thought in the comments section!

"You can't do a slasher movie as a TV series" - yeah, you said it buddy. Oh and in case you missed it, this trailer basically tells us who the killer is, but I won't spoil it if you were lucky enough not to notice!

Featuring heaps of sex, bad acting, horror cliche's and adults playing teenagers, you can catch 'Scream' the series on MTV this June the 30th.


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