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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
Fluffy Duckerman

The easiest trailer to review today would have been the Ant-Man preview but no, I chose to look at the trailer for the MTV Scream TV series. I love Scream, it is without question my favourite horror film, the sequels are a different story.

When I first heard that Scream was being adapted into a TV series, I had mixed feelings of doubt and intrigue. With the exception of Bates Motel, horror movies being remade into TV series are quite unheard of. Film remakes are mostly terrible but having it as a TV series has left me more curious than pessimistic.

What's got me the most worried about this trailer is the lack of Ghostface. Something tells me they aren't just keeping him in secrecy. We got a shot of a shady guy grabbing someone and another guy in a hoodie but I just can't see the iconic masked Serial Killer anywhere. Is Ghostface even in this series? I have a bad feeling that he isn't.

The point of the Scream franchise has been to satirise the horror genre but also to pay homage to it. The narrator of the trailer seems to be going for this idea but I don't quite buy it. Then again, these things always look a little iffy at first.

There isn't really anything special about this trailer. If you're a fan of the franchise then I recommend giving it a look. This show has the potential to exceed my expectations but for now, it looks ok at best. Tell me what you thought.


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