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Is this a real life Demonic possession caught on camera? This security footage captures the entire ordeal, it even captures the entity leaving the unconscious body knocking products off the shelves as it leaves.

Shoppers run screaming as a man appears to be possessed by an unseen entity. CCTV cameras at this convenience store in China, capture this unexpected, sinister incident occurring in this busy store and in broad daylight.

Possession in store
Possession in store

The footage below shows a man perusing the cold drinks section of the store, he selects a drink and proceeds to pick it out and close the fridge door. It is at this point the incident takes place. The man is seen to lose all voluntary control of his body, dropping his drink and dropping to his knees. The man seems to be in the actual process of a full on attack by an unseen force.

It is at this point other shoppers become aware of the horrific ordeal, bystanders come running towards the sound of the commotion. When the closest shopper gets there and attempts to communicate with the man she is met with a real and definitive warning...

The warning
The warning

The man, who is by this time on his knees, stretches out a forced arm, points straight at the woman and without saying a word issues a clear warning for her not to intervene.

Towards the end of the video we see the man fall to the floor, completely unconscious, it is here we get a real glimpse of the so far unseen force that has consumed the man. As the man lies comatose on the floor, we see clear movement in the reflection of the glass next to him. It appears to show the entity leave the mans body and flee upwards, it also appears to knock nearby products off the shelves as it goes.

Now it is time for you to see the footage and decide for yourself...

Is this clear evidence of Demonic possession or can this be explained away quite simply? I will leave this for you to decide. Do please let me know your thoughts below.

"They want your pity, to open your heart to them. In the end, they want your soul." - Rebecca [Occult Specialist of S.I.S.]

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