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(Warning: If you aren't all caught up with Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil yet, then tread carefully - thar be SPOILERS below)

So. Marvel's Daredevil. As it turns out, combining the consistent awesomeness of Marvel's cinematic output with the mini-series expertise of Netflix and a ridiculously perfectly cast set of actors actually results in...something pretty darned special. Which, if you haven't watched it yet, is well worth taking thirteen hours to pore over.

In the meantime, though, there are few things hidden away in there that need to see the light of day - including a couple that might just tease the most eagerly anticipated Marvel movie of them all: Captain America: Civil War.

Did Daredevil Really Just Tease Civil War?

It'd make sense, after all - Daredevil had a small but essential part to play in the comic-book version of Civil War, and with the movie only a little over a year away, it wouldn't be too surprising to see Marvel begin to tease the plot-line a little more intensely.

And, so, when this particular image popped up on Reddit, a whole lot of people started getting excited:

The reason? That poster behind Matt Murdock (a.k.a. Daredevil himself) pointing out that "you don't have to reveal your identity to help solve crimes."

Or, in other words, more or less exactly the position that the anti-superhero registration forces take in Civil War.

Which...sure seems like a tease of the forthcoming Civil War...if a fairly subtle one.

The thing is, though:

That Isn't the Only Civil War Tease in Daredevil

(Note, this is where the SPOILER-y stuff kicks in if you haven't watched Episode's 5 and 6 of Daredevil yet...)

Y'see, one of the most intriguing parts of Daredevil's first season is the systematic destruction, by Wilson Fisk, of Daredevil (at this point known as the Man in Black)'s reputation.

Combining a police shoot out with video footage of Daredevil beating up (corrupt) cops...

...Fisk is able to tie him to the huge explosions which racked Hell's Kitchen just minutes before.

(Note: this is where SPOILERS kick in if you're not all the way done with the series)

Now, that obviously wasn't Daredevil's fault, but that doesn't necessarily mean he isn't going to receive a whole lot of the blame, even after he eventually takes Wilson Fisk down. Y'see, that particular shot above isn't a million miles removed from one of the iconic moments of the comic-book Civil War. This one, to be precise:

A moment in which a battle between unlicensed superheroes and a villain willing to put innocent lives at risk led to the deaths of hundreds of innocents in Stamford, Connecticut. It'd happened before - much as it has in the MCU, with the New York-wrecking 'Incident' from The Avengers - but it was very much the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to public support for Superhero Registration.

Could something similar, then, be prompted by the widely spread video footage of a masked vigilante apparently causing those huge explosions?

After all, Fisk's trial is likely to be over a year away - leaving plenty of time for Daredevil to be vilified by a press eager to prove their independence (having been linked with bribery so recently).

Or, in other words, is it possible that:

Daredevil Is the Spark That'll Set Off Civil War?

Or, at least, are The Kingpin's explosions - for which Daredevil may well get part of the blame - going to be seen as final proof that mysterious vigilantes without government approval are a menace?

The public's likely mood after those explosions was, after all, most likely similar to Foggy Nelson's:

"Guys who have masks have something to hide, and it usually ain't good."

And, if that sentiment hasn't faded by the time the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron hits - likely a few weeks later in Marvel Cinematic Universe terms - then it could well prove a decisive moment in the road to Civil War.

It might well be prudent to watch out for footage of the explosions in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Age of Ultron, it seems to me...

What do you think, though?



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