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When it comes to social media awesomeness - or, for that matter, regular general, everyday awesomeness - there are few out there who can surpass Robert Downey Jr. Whether he's hanging out with his Science Bro Mark Ruffalo, helping out a charity in hilarious fashion, or just...kinda being himself, RDJ seemingly has a gift for being the ludicrously cool uncle we all wish we had.

Plus, of course, he's Iron Man, so, y'know, that helps.

His most recent act of online bad-assery, though, comes with the added bonus of two of his Avengers: Age of Ultron co-stars. Goofing around during the press tour. Just...because.

The thing is, though, there might just be a whole lot more to that there tweet than first meets the eye.

Y'see, we already know that Chris Evans' Cap and RDJ's Iron Man are going to face off in Captain America: Civil War - but as of yet, there's not really been a whole lot of evidence that Thor will be joining them.

After all, with Thor: Ragnarok coming up relatively soon after the release of Civil War, it had seemed that Thor would be taking a breather, giving the likes of Black Panther and (hopefully) Spider-Man a chance to shine in his absence.

Now, though:

It Seems Like RDJ Just Revealed Thor WILL Be in Civil War

After all, the presence of Thor in between the two heroes seems to be very much a riff on a long-running visual attached to Civil War - that of the hero town between two sides...

An idea, in fact, which Marvel has already played with during the reveal of Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther - in which RDJ and Chris Evans fought over the newly announced Panther:

All of which seemingly suggests that RDJ's tweet might actually mean a whole lot more than 'actors are bored during press tour' - and, instead, be implying that we will, in fact, see Thor play some kind of a role in Civil War.

Which, seeing as the comic-book version of the story-line featured Thor in a very central role, might not seem all that surprising...

...except of course that in the comics, Thor was actually dead at the time, and the version of the hero who appeared in the story - and ended up killing a hero on the opposing side - was actually a cyborg clone of the hero. Which...doesn't seem too likely to appear in the MCU at this point.

So, the suggestion of Thor appearing in Civil War - even if it ends up just being RDJ and pals goofing around - opens up a pretty big question:



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