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Ok, so she doesn't really dis-attach and re-attach her own head, it's done with make-up, but the results are absolutely incredible!

Artist Hikaru Cho has created some amazing images and has compiled series' of photos together, as well as some fantastic videos, all without the use of Photoshop.

Take a look at this small collection of the outstanding work that's been done so far! If you're reaction is anything like mine it will go along the lines of, "how have they done that?!"

Enjoy! I'm sure you will.

Juicy Girls (lemon)

Juicy Girls (orange)

It looks like she is eating oranges, OUT OF HER FACE!!

Sweet Thoughts

Seriously this guy would be the envy of everyone at a Halloween party!

Undigital Alternation

This is created just using photographs and then sped up. It's amazing!

Please take a visit to the site here to see more incredible art pieces!


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