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It has been announced that Fox is currently working on a remake of the ultimate cult film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, released back in 1975.

The re-adaptation of the campy horror feature, made especially for TV, is being produced in celebration of the movie's 40th anniversary this year. Considering that Kenneth Ortega, who was responsible for the musical extravaganza that was High School Musical, is at the helm of the project alongside original movie producers Gail Berman and Lou Adler, suggests that this is certainly something to look forward to.

But which stars have the potential to fill the extra large shoes left behind by the former cast in the new show, titled The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event? Take a look at some of my suggestions and let me know what you think!

But before you do, relive the musical comedy horror in the trailer below:

Christopher Walken as Dr. Frank-N-Furter

I reckon Walken could do Tim Curry's most recognizable role justice. And he certainly has the moves to be the perfect, modern-day transexual Transylvanian and this clip proves it:

Ryan Reynolds as Brad Majors

Who better to play the quintessential all-American type than Ryan Reynolds? With a similar clean-cut look as Barry Bostwick, he would do well as the helpless geek. All he needs is a pair of nerdy glasses and he's good to go!

Amanda Seyfried as Janet Weiss

Dammit, Janet! Amanda would be a perfect fit for Susan Sarandon's cult role. Indeed, she can sing, she can act, she's adorable and naughty at the same time and those big baby blue eyes undoubtedly make her the perfect fit.

Jim Carrey as Riff Raff

Although I honestly think that no mortal earthling could play the role as well as Richard O'Brien, Hollywood's funny man Jim Carrey would certainly give it a good shot as everybody's favorite handyman and balding Transylvanian.

Helena Bonham Carter as Magenta

Feisty, sassy and with phenomenally big hair, Bonham Carter would be fantastic in Patricia Quinn's role as the castle domestic.

Neil Patrick Harris as Rocky Horror

Peter Hinwood's placement has to be incredible and with the ability to wear those little gold short shorts to perfection. I think Neil Patrick Harris would be a fitting, and a absolutely hilarious, choice.

What do you think?



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