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Deadpool is well known as a 'hero' who can take a massive amount of punishment. In fact, he seems to like it. Apparently, the same is true for his live-action counterpart, Ryan Reynolds.

According to CTV, the actor, who is currently filming Deadpool in Vancouver, was struck by a car on Friday night. But don't worry, if you haven't already guessed by my flippant tone, Reynolds walked away with absolutely no injuries.

Reynolds on the Deadpool set.
Reynolds on the Deadpool set.

Police are currently unsure about what actually occurred during the incident. Reynold was walking out of the Shrangri-La Hotel when he was hit by a car in what police are describing as a 'minor hit-and-run' accident. They do not know who the driver of the vehicle was, although they believe it was likely a paparazzo. Reynolds' publicist claimed in an email to CTV:

While walking, Ryan was struck by a paparazzi driving a car through an underground parking garage. The man fled the scene. Ryan is okay.

If this is the case, this could be the latest example of paparazzi caused road accidents involving celebrities. Bruce Jenner's recent crash - which left one person dead - may have been partly attributed to a pursuing photographer, while in 2013 a paparazzo was killed while trying to photograph Justin Bieber's Ferrari on a highway.

Currently, police are talking with Reynolds before deciding whether or not to investigate the case further and potentially press charges.

It seems the filming of Deadpool was unaffected, as Reynolds was back on the set the very next day.

Source: CTV


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