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Disney's live-action adaptation of Beauty & the Beast already sports one of the most incredible casts of recent decades. With Emma Watson as the stunning Beauty, Dan Stevens as her temperamental Beast, and Emma Thompson, Luke Evans, Josh Gad and Kevin Kline filling the other crucial roles in the story, this is really turning out to be an exceptional blockbuster.

Now, however, we have been provided with even more cheerful news as another acting veteran has signed on to star in the musical extravaganza, set for a mid-March 2017 release.

Sir Ian McKellan is set to play Cogsworth the Clock, one of the Beast's confidants at the castle and arguably, the biggest fuss-pot in animation history.

Ian McKellan as Cogsworth
Ian McKellan as Cogsworth

Adding McKellan to the horde of enchanted objects providing the Beast with much needed advice on how to be more of a gentleman, Disney really deserves a pat on the back.

I assume that when the British actor was approached to play the role of the chatty little clock, he simply couldn't say no. Considering he has already portrayed a wizard in The Lord of the Rings movie series, and an evil mutant in X-Men, naturally the next step in his career is to throw himself into a part of a piece of furniture. Check McKellan's future character doing his thing in the clip for 'Be Our Guest' below, could you see Ian fussing about? I sure can:

And although I am unsure of how exactly the character will be brought to life, I assume a lot of CGI will be involved. Perhaps the end result will be a human-animation hybrid that will look something like this?

Who will be cast as Lumiere?

And while it seems that we have our uptight and incredibly British Cogsworth confirmed, it is only right to assume that a very suave and charming Frenchman should be cast as the womanizing candelabra, Lumiere. But who should it be?

Here are my top three picks of who Disney ought to consider:

Jean Dujardin

In my eyes, the Academy Award winner is the perfect choice. Not only does he have a luscious French twang to his accent, but he is also a veteran of French cinema. And naturally, Lumiere deserves the very best.

Sacha Baron Cohen

We know he can do musicals (Les Miserables and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street proved that!) and he is an all-round funny guy so he would certainly suit the part well.

Chris Pratt

He has shown that he can be a suave superhero in Guardians of the Galaxy (quite frankly, his dance moves to his personal mix-tape were sensational) and incredibly silly in Parks and Recreation, so he is the perfect man to play the lady-loving candelabra.

Do you agree?



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