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Most people that read this will be adults, and as adults - let's be honest - we can tend to have dirty minds. Which is fine. But, when you think about Disney, the last thing you should think of is sex.

So why are there just so many blatantly obvious references to it in A LOT of Disney and Pixar films?!

It's not like people have actively thought "ok, let's find sex in Disney" it's been handed to us on a plate. A dirty plate at that.

Check out some of Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks overtly saucy references below!


You need to plug your earphones in for this one. You can hear "take off all your clothes" if you listen hard enough.

Did you hear it?! Aladdin is encouraging young people to take their clothes off? Or the guy that voices Aladdin does...and it's just plain wrong.

And the genie makes a hint at what happens to a newly married couple..

The Lion King

A sneaky repeat offender, the art in the Lion King has a sexy twist, including the promotional poster.

Mufasa seems to have a woman in a bikini for a nose.

And, they also write the word "sex" in the stars when Simba is having a contemplative moment.

Apparently, when Disney was asked about this they said it actually says "SFX" for the special effects department. Whatever Disney, it says sex.

The Little Mermaid

Hilarious personal favorite of mine which I've shown to many a friend while looking through their DVD collections.

There is a we-all-know-what on the side of the castle. Imagine if the castle was real?! There would be a public outcry to tear the place down. A golden penis on the side of a castle just won't do!

While on the theme...take a look at the Priest at their wedding...

He must REALLY like weddings.


Is there really a point explaining the sexual innuendo in this one?! It's hugely obvious.

Here he is just before he acquired his, erm, bump on his head.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

There are two key questions that need to be answered in this movie.

1. How did Roger manage to get with Jessica?

2. Does Jessica wear underwear?

I'm afraid I can't answer the first one, but the answer to the second question is... no.

When Jessica falls out of the car, her dress moves and it's clear she should have worn some undies, just for the small chance that driving around in a cartoon car could pose some problems.

The Rescuers

The woman might not have expected two mice to fly past in a sardine can, but she might have thought about other people being able to see her through her window. She needs to invest in some drapes.

Mickey Mouse

Some say that could be his hat, we all know differently, right?

And he wants an orgy. Maybe he will bring his 'hat' along with him.


Rapunzel has been locked in that tower for a long time though, so she probably needs some.

Hocus Pocus

Not even going to bother with a first date?! Either he's desperate or full of himself, or both.

Well, they both seem happy enough.


That's one place to stash beads I suppose, Gus.

Toy Story

The toy in the middle is a 'hooker.' Pixar, you and your filthy minds. Bravo.

Toy Story 2

Buzz's wings go straight up when he sees Jesse. But the innuendo doesn't stop there...

Toy Story 3

Not so potato shaped anymore is he?!

Ok, so someone realllllly has looked for this, but it's funny all the same.


The time Shrek questions the size of Lord Farquaad's manhood.

See?! It's everywhere! So Disney isn't as squeaky clean as it makes out, but who is?!


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