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With the release of [Furious 7](movie:264263), and the amazing news that Paul Walker's final gift to the franchise is the most successful of all seven of the Fast and Furious films, we've seen a lot of sad and touching moments from all of the cast as they remember their fallen brother. However today I've found a behind-the-scenes moment from the Fast and Furious franchise which can only be described as hilarious.

From the depths of the internet comes a behind-the-scenes clip showing Furious 7 star Tyrese Gibson on set looking for Vin Diesel, who appears to be doing squats next to a BMW.

Gibson approaches Vin telling him everyone is looking for him, but then as Vin turns around Gibson suddenly stops speaking. Suddenly he whips back Vin's hood to reveal that it's actually Paul Walker in disguise!?

A confused Tyrese asks "Paul, what the f*ck are you doing man? Dawg, what are you doin'?" To which Paul replies, "I'm Vin Diesel."

Tyrese then tells him that if Vin catches Paul like this he's going to flip out, but how does 'Paul Diesel' respond? By unzipping his shirt and yelling "DIESEL TIME!"

After Paul Diesel repeatedly tells Tyrese that it's "Diesel time," a bewildered Gibson leaves the set! Priceless!

What an awesome sense of humor, it just makes me love him even more! I'm so happy that following Paul's death we still get to remember him through these small (and hilarious) moments of happiness from his life.

Watch the whole hilarious thing here:

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