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Almost 18 months after it was released I think it's fair to say that [Frozen](movie:411685) is still as popular as ever among Disney fans, whether they are young or young at heart! The movie is the most successful animated film of all time, and the fifth highest grossing film ever - talk about amazing achievements.

Today I found these awesome Frozen dolls that would be the perfect gift for any fan of the Disney movie, especially considering that not only are they the perfect likeness of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, but they're also quite life-sized (at least for the smaller members of the family)!

Clocking in at above 3 feet in height, the My Size Anna and Elsa dolls are sure to become firm favorites for younger Frozen lovers (though the older Frozen fans can still enjoy them as well!). The dolls, available at Target, come with their trademark dresses from the film, and even have a wear-and-share light up hair clip.

I only wish that ALL of the Disney princesses were available in life-sized models - I know I would have loved to have an Ariel or Jasmine when I was younger, heck I'd even love one now!

Source: Target 1, Target 2


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