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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Big Hero 6 is easily one of the cutest and most endearing animated features to come out of the hallowed halls of Disney & Marvel in the last few years (they're not too bad at that, this Disney company...), and has gifted us yet another awesome team of understated heroes.

And, of course, a truck load of badass fan art, none more badass than the upcoming works from Scottish artist Demetria Skye Logan, who goes by DeeeSkye on DeviantArt. She combines the incongruous cutes of Baymax and the rest of the Disney world in brilliant fashion, imagining him as Elsa, Mickey Mouse and a whole host of other heroes.

Let's check out a few, shall we?

Baymax as Elsa

Baymax & Stitch

Baymax Lighyear

Baymax in Wonderland

Baymax Mouse

Sorcerer Baymax

Pinocchio Baymax

Princess Peach & Baymax

(Source: DeeeSkye/DeviantArt)


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