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Even though Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) is done and dusted, the cast and crew have got plenty of tidbits to see us through the long hiatus. Recently, AMC has released a featurette with many of our favorite actors, as well as notable crew members, all discussing what we can expect to see in Season 6.

First of all, the cast pondered what they could expect from Season 6, before executive producer Scott Gimple revealed he knows what's happening, but he won't tell us! Even co-producer Denise Huth is in the dark on the details!

Scott Gimple not revealing any Season 6 details
Scott Gimple not revealing any Season 6 details

However, Gimple did reiterate something he has said before, and that was that The Walking Dead turns into a new show every eight episodes. I think this has been particularly true of the last two seasons, with the focus of each season changing dramatically after explosive mid-season finales.

The cast and crew also spoke about their hopes and questions for Season 6 - how will the group adapt to life in Alexandria, but still maintain their edge? Who will gain control of Alexandria after Rick publicly executed a man? One thing is for sure, whatever happens to the group, they better be ready for the Wolves, who Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) predicts will be a very real and aggressive threat to Alexandria.

The other big question everyone is curious about is that of Morgan! What can we expect from him now that he's been reunited? In the featurette, Andrew Lincoln talks about his excitement for the potential reunion, but also wonders how these two men with their obviously differing philosophies will ever work as the same team. Lennie James, who plays Morgan, has been keeping quiet on just how long Morgan will be joining the cast for in Season 6, though he has admitted that he will appear in at least one episode.

Whatever happens in Season 6, it seems like Andrew Lincoln sums it up perfectly when, at the end of the interview he says, "the thing with our show is that there's always gonna be blood." Hell yes, Andrew Lincoln, and we can't wait to see more bloodshed in Season 6!

Watch the whole interview here:

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