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(Note: potential Suicide Squad SPOILERS are to be found below...)

With the DC Cinematic Universe's first non-Superman-starring effort, Suicide Squad, fast approaching, there's been a steady stream of information coming out about the film in recent weeks.

Much of the attention has gone to Jared Leto - likely because he's set to play one of the most iconic villains of all time, The Joker. That, though, doesn't mean Suicide Squad's other villains aren't getting a little attention of their own - even if there does seem to be several thousand of them set to appear.

The most recent character to be teased to appear in the film, though, might be one of the least well known of the lot:

It Looks Like Slipknot is Set to Appear in Suicide Squad

Having made his first appearance back in 1984's Fury of Firestorm #28, the rope-wielding Slipknot doesn't, sadly, have anything to do with the ferociously popular heavy metal band of the same name. In the years following, though, he proved a tenacious - if infrequent - foe for a number of DC's comic book heroes - and now looks set to get his reward, in the form of a cinematic appearance.

Or, at least, that's what the latest rumor from the Winnipeg Free Press seems to suggest, with the organization reporting that Canadian actor Adam Beach, recently confirmed to be appearing in Suicide Squad, will be taking on the villainous role.

Perhaps best known to Canadian audiences for his recent starring role in the series Arctic Air...

...Beach could now be set for an integral - if very specific - role in Suicide Squad.

Y'see, the thing is:

Slipknot Has A Very Particular Role in 'Squad History

Specifically, that one.

In the comics - and, most likely, the upcoming movie - the less reliable members of the 'Squad are fitted with explosive wristbands, to ensure their good behavior.

Back in 1989's Suicide Squad #9, though, the reluctantly participating Slipknot - who thought the wristbands to be a bluff - ended up inadvertently demonstrating their losing his left arm.

Which - despite a similar fate meeting Sean Maher's Shrapnel in Arrow last season - seems a pretty safe bet for the Slipknot's role in Suicide Squad.

Y'know, either that, or Beach'll end up playing a different character entirely...

What do you reckon, though?

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