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The road to geekdom has to start somewhere and these little bundles of future fandom have had a bit of a head start compared to most!

Check out the adorable snaps of the world's tiniest superheroes below and decide which one you think has the most potential to save the world:

1. The Littlest Lightsaber

Image: Staci Noel Photography

The force is going to have to be with this little jedi if he wants to fight anyone off with that lightsaber...

2. Spider-Tot

Image: JME Portraits

I have a feeling this little one's spider senses are letting him know that he's not hanging off a real building...

3. Not Quite Teenage Trainee Turtle

Image: A Piece of Lisa Photography

You're never too young to enjoy pizza.

4. I Am Your Father

Image: Malia B Photography

That's one wise baby for keeping his eyes shut...

5. Gotham Dreaming

Image: Kellie Carter

I'm not sure this caped crusader is quite up for the job yet...

6. Slumber Woman

Image: Kellie Carter

She might not be much a warrior yet, but her color game is on point.

7. Super Cute

Image: Livejoy Photography

I can take or leave babies, but these socks are officially my kryptonite...I die!

8. Tardis Malfunction

Image: J Lobbins

The Dr. wasn't aware just how wrong time travel could go.

9. Laughing Leia

Image: A.Bilger

I'm not sure I would be so comfortable with so many deadly killers in my bed. This 'gal's got balls.


Which nerdy newborn would you like to adopt?

(Source: Buzzfeed)


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