BySam Warrington, writer at

The eagerly awaited Daredevil, a collaboration between Netflix and Marvel, was released this past weekend to rave reviews. But there was one group of people that were unable to enjoy the show as much as they would have hoped, the visually impaired. Fans of the show are now pushing for Netflix to provide audio descriptions in all their programming, starting with Daredevil.

Obviously this has caused a huge stir due to that fact that the main character, Matt Murdock, is also visually impaired. There is currently a campaign called the "Accessible Netflix Project" that is striving for accessibility for everyone. If you would like to read about the project you can find their website here.

And considering Netflix is set to be the most powerful media company in the world, and it only costs $1,000 to record audio descriptions for a 22 minute program, it's more than do-able.

Let's hope Netflix steps up and gets on this ASAP.

If you haven't started watching Daredevil yet, check out the trailer below:

Do you think Netflix should invest in audio descriptions of their shows for the visually impaired?


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