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Rob Harris

Do you ever get that burning, vigilante urge to take to the streets and clean up the criminal underworld one corrupt thug at a time? If so, Armatus Designs have the perfect accessory for you - a real life Batsuit!

Made from Kevlar, quarter inch Kydex plating and impact resistant foam, the Combat Batsuit is suitable for all your crime-fighting needs, putting those tragic Batman-imitators in The Dark Knight to shame!

Armatus say that:

The Batsuit project was an effort to create an armored combat suit which would provide significant protection without sacrificing mobility.
The project took three months of prototyping and two months construction on the finished suit, with roughly a $2,000 budget, much of which was raised on Kickstarter. The finished suit clocks in at 25 pounds, which is relatively light considering the weight is evenly distributed over the wearers entire body.

The masterminds behind this homemade ensemble showed off their creation's impressive capabilities in an awesome demonstration video, proving that the suit is...

Concrete Block Resistant

Kick Resistant

And Even Knife Resistant

Though I can't help thinking that a real criminal might aim just a few inches to the right.

Check out the full video below:


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