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There's no doubt that Nina Dobrev is a brilliant actress, but the Vampire Diaries would be a tough gig to follow for anybody. Now she has severed ties with the hit TV show, what qualities does Dobrev have that ensure she get's the success she deserves?

Below are a few reasons why I think Nina Dobrev's career will continue to soar long into the future, especially with the support of all of us [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) fans!

1. She's Already Broken Onto the Silver Screen

The tabloids are often whispering that Dobrev left TVD to get into the movies, but the truth is she's there already!

With roles in movies such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower alongside Emma Watson and Let's Be Cops under her belt, Dobrev is ready to break into larger roles and show what she can do.

Hopefully the upcoming horror comedy [Final Girl](movie:202957) will be a smash hit to propel Dobrev into the spotlight and meatier roles.

2. She's Used to Change

Even an accomplished actor could crumble under the pressure of such a huge career change, but Dobrev has been there and done that.

Not only does working on a seasonal TV show mean that she is used to the fluctuations in her schedule, but Dobrev has already moved from Delgrassi to TVD at the tender age of 20.

3. Vampirism is NOT a Curse

Okay, I admit it, vampires are a bit passé in 2015, but that doesn't mean being a vampire is a curse.

It only takes a second to think of other ladies who got entwined in the vampiric world who have gone from strength to strength since stepping into the human realm.

Just look at Kristen Stewart and how she has gone from being lampooned as a talentless rock to a respected and award winning actress. Not to mention Sarah Michelle Gellar who raked in the dollars with The Grudge straight after Buffy.

4. She's Got Serious Action Hero Skills!

The action starts around the 2.25 mark!

5. She Has the Support of Us Fans!

Since Dobrev announced she was leaving, there has been a huge outpouring of support form the fandom.

While Elena divides opinions, everyone seems to love Dobrev's vivacious, down-to-earth and good humored personality and there are thousands of us cheerleading for her right now.


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