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If you google Nina Dobrev's name right now, you will be greeted with hundreds of scurrilous stories about how Ian Somerhalder's behavior on set drove her out of Mystic Falls for good, but the 36-year-old actor wants to set the record straight for good.

Of course, gossip about the awkward relationship between Nina Dobrev and her newly engaged ex-boyfriend is nothing new, but when 26-year-old Dobrev announced her decision to leave the show, the rumor mills went into overdrive.

After staying silent about the difficult topic for a month on end, Ian Somerhalder has finally slammed the gossip about his 'strained' relationship with Dobrev.

Somerhalder took to Twitter to share an article from E! Onine that discussed why the rumors were false and praised the news outlet for getting it right in his Tweet.

As someone who has always stood behind the idea that these rumors are ridiculous, it's really heartening to see Ian finally coming out of the woodwork to call bullshit on them.

Now all we need is to hear Nina's side of the story and put an end to this malicious tongue wagging once and for all...

(Source: Inquisitr)


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