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Considering that Season 7 is set to be the final season of The Vampire Diaries, a few of us have been contemplating which characters may make the switch over to [The Originals](series:833141).

In particular, there has been much speculation regarding Caroline, wonderfully played by Candice Accola. For one, I think this would be a fantastic storyline migration!

Why would Caroline's move over to The Originals be a good thing?

There are many reasons for why this crossover would be a good idea. Here's what I think and why:

1. Fans have been clamouring for crossover episodes for a long time

Since the Mikaelsons left [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) and became their own separate entity, we have yearned for crossovers. And with Caroline moving over, it will mean that even if the show ends on its 7th season, the true spirit of it will continue living in the migrated characters.

2. The revival of Klaroline

For starters, and despite her relationship with Stefan, many of us are still adamant that Klaus and Caroline's bond is still too strong to be completely abandoned. Although their affair is exciting to watch, I am still unsure whether Stefan is in fact her be-all and end-all.

Caroline and Klaus' explosive relationship is fantastic and I would love to see the beautiful Forbes head on over to the sister show to be reunited with him. As Reddit user hiddenstar13 points out:

... Ahem.
Yeah I'd be cool with that."

After all, the show's producers should consider getting Caroline to New Orleans, if only because they cannot reprise a similar kind of chemistry with Klaus with anyone else.

And just think of the parties they would throw!

3. Auntie Caroline would be phenomenal

Although Hayley and Klaus already adore their daughter, Caroline would bring even more love to this child. Since Season 1, the beautiful Forbes has always been incredibly caring of those around her, so just think what she would do for a sweet little supernatural baby.

4. The Cami & Caroline battle would make TV gold

Cami may be convinced that her relationship with Klaus is the most special bond ever, but with Caroline on the scene, she will soon realize that it might not be so. Even though she claims to have let him go, seeing her former lover with Cami will spark a jealous rage and then, who knows what will happen! I would absolutely love to see some girl-on-girl fight action, wouldn't you?

Can you think of any more reasons?



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